William Winbush: An Artist Who Paints Wonders


Malibu Sunset
Malibu Sunset

Sometimes you have the honor of meeting a person of such profound abilities and insight that words simply can not express the total meaning of who they are. The talented artist William Winbush is that kind of person. So we will let artist William Winbush tell you his story.

I am from East Chicago, Indiana. I started paintings early in life, in my teens. I am completely self-taught, by going to the East Chicago Public Library, selecting books to help me with a wide variety of subjects, lighting, shadows, dimensions, etc. My first exhibit, a solo exhibit, was at the same library. I continue to grow in the following years.

Once, while living in Jackson, Tennessee, I went to the University of Tennessee with a few paintings, and asked the professor there if I needed additional training. She reviewed the paintings and she informed me I did not need any training. I have continued to develop my skills with paintings. As my Artist Statement states, my preference leans toward God’s creation, but I enjoy “widening out” in my inspirations and abilities to paint several different categories of paintings. So, I paint landscapes, seascapes, animals, people, group portraits, and recently mixed media abstracts. Thus, I have enriched my abilities, by using change. My work is also my therapy in life.

I am a photo-realism artist. This is a unique ability, but many people do not realize the masters of o1e painted in a similar way. Today an artist does not have to mix paints, which can be easily be purchased. The challenge comes to many people is creating a painting, which looks very close to a photograph. Therefore, many artists paint impressionism. Many artists want to paint photo-realism, but cannot.I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss photo-realism and why I paint in that genre. Artist William Winbush

My entire life I have marveled at the beauty of God’s creation. Since 1964 I have enjoyed recreating, on canvas, the natural beauty of this magnificent planet, our home. My works are representations of actual places somewhere on earth.

Sometimes I hide a small animal in a painting and name the painting after the animal. I love seascapes, thus, I have several of my favorite locations in my portfolio. My goal is to capture the power of the ocean, and the beauty of the sky and sun, or moon, with as much detail as possible. I also enjoy painting beautiful people as exemplified by the portraits of seven of the most beautiful women in the world, Aahhhhh — found in the Portrait Gallery of www.artwinbushportfolio.com. Along with other portraits. I wanted to demonstrate the ability to paint in diversity, so I painted a portrait of one of the country’s most popular presidents — for recognition value — President Clinton. His office was kind enough to assist by providing an eight by twelve photograph to ensure capturing his blue eyes. Once completed the portrait was gifted to the President. The President sent a wonderful letter thanking me for my effort.

As a self-taught artist I developed my own unique style of photo realism overtime. My works are in categories based on my inspirations. After seeing a lion in a magazine, I was inspired to paint a lion to challenge myself to duplicate the detail in a lion’s mane. This sparked an inspiration to paint a variety of “cats.” Thus far, four “cats” have been created. To stretch my inspiration, I begin creating abstract realism and abstracts. A whole new category series has started in this genre. My entire portfolio continues to be full of God’s wonderful creations. Painting brings me true joy, and therapy.

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