New and Unfortunate Developments With The Art Of Monteque


My name is Lester Willis and I am sure you are not familiar with me, but I am one of many who work behind the scenes The Art Of Monteque. We are The Art Of Monteque  Team and are very proud of it. I am writing this article  to let you know we have been hit very hard by tragedy, loss, and sickness from our staff which are like family. Two of the most important people to this organization are not well. Because of this we have come to  the decision to take on less events, coverage and interviews. We hope you can understand,  this was a very hard decision to make but we think it is for the best. We are very proud of what we do and we pride ourselves at being the best  at featuring the most amazing an talented independent artist.

We would like to take a moment to thank you for allowing us the great honor of you supporting and reading The Art Of Monteque . This means so much more to us than words can possibly say. We are slowing down, but we are not stopping. To just stop would be to tear our hearts out and we just can’t do that! Because we believe in showcasing independent arts and artists. We believe in supporting, it is a job it is our passion. So it will be more like creating at the pace of nature. We will continue to cover wonderful independent artist, but we will not take on the full load like we have done in the past. We will miss a large majority of  film festivals and art events this year, but we will feature quite a lot of artists and the arts. I will tale time so please be patient with us. Right now we have to focus on the people that make The Art Of Monteque so special and we are at our best when all of us are okay. Right now we are not. We asked for your prayers in this time so the amazing family of The Art Of Monteque will be once again be together and creating like we used to.

Thank you for your understanding, prayers, and above all for allowing us to share with you this wonderful journey.


Lester Willis and the wonderful  Art Of Monteque Team