A glimpse of the Works Of Artist Andre Pace


As an artist and poet Andre Pace’s art is a series of contemporary and abstract works based in the styles of French oils painting and American soft pastels on paper. His favorite colors in some of his works are plum reds and smooth blacks with an edge handle on the artist brush. Andre Pace studies in Lower Manhattan 26 st., for drawing & etching, small classes of great people. He also attended classes in dialogue and character builders for writers of which he uses in his works both literal and painting.




Current showing 2016

Oca – online library / image registry

100 years dada exhibition 2015/2016

Dossiae.com / image registry

Ibc .international biographical center published works 2014

Rochester 6×6 2016 exhibit

Artlink .com / 2016 postcards exhibition

Osten museum cartoon / exhibition & collection 2016

Ugly art room / art sale 2016 postcards

Alexandrov museum / exhibition 2016 mail art

Nixdor f museum fourms / mail art 2016

Jason brown project 2016 / mail art


To Learn more about  artist Andre Pace go here https://andrepace.wordpress.com/