Interview With Multi-dimensional Artist Jacky Guzman

Artist Jacky Guzman
Artist Jacky Guzman

“Be raw, come straight from the heart.”  Artist Jacky Guzman

By: Adrienne Vaught

Born 1982 in Tucson, Arizona and raised in the ‘Valley of the Sun’ gifted Jacky with a love of light. Which is apparent in the glowing portraits she creates. Jacky’s love of art started at a very young age while watching her mother and grandfather paint. As a youth she often drew and painted her favorite musicians she saw on posters. Which led to a lifelong love of portraiture. As a quiet, extremely private self-professed loner I was recently privileged to sit down with artist Jacky Guzman to discover what inspires this incredibly talented and diverse artist. From portrait artist, free form mixed medium abstracts to sculpture. She has a finger in every pot and on every brush.

Adrienne Vaught: How would you say your style and diversity as an artist has developed?

Jacky Guzman: After graduating from the University of Arizona in 2010, I worked on developing my style based on advice given to me by my professors. It was as simple and as complicated as this, “Be raw, come straight from the heart.” I spent some time learning to let go, be myself. I use the tools, but keep true to my own instincts.

AV: Are there any artists that you have a particular interest in or have influenced you?

JG: Van Gogh; I love his brushstrokes, sometimes frantic and other times light and playful.

AV: You have several pieces that seem to be based on closer inspection of the human anatomy. What was your inspiration?

JG: I am fascinated by the shapes and organic curves of the human body. I was inspired by some early medical illustrations. Many times you can find art in science and the science in art.

Living Strength 36x48 acrylic on canvas
Living Strength 36×48 acrylic on canvas

“I use the tools, but keep true to my own instincts. Artist Jacky Guzman”

AV: Why do you paint and sculpt?

JG: My work is a searching; a hopeful conversation within one’s self about the deeper questions of existence and ultimately our place and purpose within our universe.

AV: Do you have any up and coming works that we can watch for?

JG: I have a ceramic sculpture series based on dreams and my impressions and feelings based on some dreams I have had.

AV: Thank you, for your time. It has been an honor speaking with you about your artwork.

JG: You’re most welcome. It was my pleasure.

Jacky Guzman expresses through her art that there is no limitation on style or medium an artist can use to tell the creative story born of a creative and passionate heart and mind. The soul of the artist and the piece knows what it should be made of, paint or clay… In the hands of this talented artist the dream is always safe. We look forward to more from the creative and inventive mind of Jacky Guzman. [TAOM]

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