Joe Ded: An Artist Of The Inner World

Artist Joe Ded
Artist Joe Ded

Joe Ded (aka Joe Walsh ) who was born in 1982 in Montclair California is a self taught artist. It is not surprising because where could one possibly learn such an extraordinary style? Joe Ded is a strange man who possesses a mysterious and boundless imagination. His inner world is full of fantastical images which he exorises onto the canvas. He captures them brilliantly with a technical expertise which few can master. Joe Ded’s art would not exist unless he possessed both  an unbridled imagination and unlimited skills. His artwork’s  are mind boggling, mind blowing and mind expanding representations of his adventures into other dimensions; their purpose is to release the creatures that dwell inside his cerebellum. He spews them onto to the campus thrusting them forth for the masses to see. Corrupting the minds of all who encounter them. Joe Ded is currently working on numerous freelance commissions and murals. Prolific in his field he still resides in Montclair California with a BA in animation along with a background of 10+ years  in street art.

Painting and art in general are the keys to my sanity. They help the flow of energy trapped in my mind. The energy release helps me sleep at night, the images dance in my head until I open my brain and unleash them on the Canvas. When I first started doing my art it was a way to keep me from feeling lonely. My art soon became my friend, then my family and now it will never leave. I feel a connection between myself and my paintings. I get a rush from the moment I begin to create. It feels like I’m in a euphoric state when I began my ritual. The paint,  the splatter  the drips and the smell of the fumes are what allows me to conjure up the goblins of my cerebellum

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