A Review of the 2016 Slamdance Film “Fursonas”



By: Alystar McKenneh-O’Neil   and Danielle McCormick


“Fursonas” is a documentary about people who dress up in animal costumes. Oddly, sex comes up a lot and it appears to be just another fantasy game put on by young gay men. With 80% of Furries are made up of men. Of that 80%, 80% of the men are bisexual or homosexual. There were of course some women, but what  we took away from it, it was just a real world application of the fandom phenomena mixed with the see me, look at me. I don’t know who I am group. And the cattiness of the people.. WOW. Sitting and watching people who would be irritating to listen to if they were sitting in at a table next to you in Starbucks, where you keep thinking “I wish these people would shut up!” is almost unbearable. On the upside , we  had no idea people did this except at Disneyland so it was a learning experience.

Dominic Rodriguez (aka Video)  began filming the fascinating sub-culture of people who like to dress up as animals as part of his college thesis. Initially a short, it was so well received that he was encouraged to continue filming and finish the project as a feature. Filmed as a labor of love on a micro-budget, after Animal Media Group became aware of the project they stepped in and helped with the post-production to finish it. The result is a captivating insight into the many layers of the Furry world. Following a cast of different characters we get different perspectives of a very unique world full of contradictions. Director Dominic Rodrigue keeps his audience engaged by not showing all his cards in the first Act. New plot points and interesting facets are revealed throughout just presenting the world as it is without any sense of judgement. For Director Dominic Rodriguez  his passion project paid off with his directorial debut being selected as part of the 2016  Slamdance festival. Accompanied at the festival by one of the stars of his documentary Boomer this charming group of film makers added light hearted fun to the festival.  Fursonas is the winner of the Spirit of Slamdance award along with be acquired by Gravitas Ventures.


Fursonas 81 MIN

Director:  Dominic Rodriguez
 For more information about “Fursonas” go here  https://www.facebook.com/fursonasdoc/ and http://www.fursonasdoc.com/