Timothy Frink : A Natural Born Artist

'Twas Farmland
‘Twas Farmland

Born in Rochester, New York in 1960, Timothy Frink always enjoyed drawing as a child. While attending school at East Jr./Sr. High School in Rochester, New York; Tim became interested in painting when he saw the older kids painting pictures during an art class. After convincing the art teacher that he possessed the fundamentals necessary, he was taught the basic skills of painting. Timothy continued to take as many art classes as he could, including jewelry making and sculpture throughout high school. However it was drawing and painting that he loved best. In 1977 Timothy’s family moved to Southern California, were Timothy would have to finish his senior year of high school. Timothy continued to draw, paint and learn about art. Eventually taking art classes at various California community colleges after graduating from Washington High School in 1978. Timothy has continued to strive to elevate his art through self-study. Timothy now makes his home in Ventura County, California where his art has been featured in many local shows.

As primarily a landscape artist, I enjoy making art that reflects and honors the beauty and spirit of nature. With the progress of man and the increase in populous, nature’s landscapes change. Some landscapes are changed dramatically and some disappear altogether. As a landscape artist, I feel that it is imperative to record the uniqueness and beauty of the environment around me as I experience it. Whether the scene is real or imagined, the purpose of each work of art is to hopefully evoke the memories and emotions of the viewer, creating an intimate and distinctly personal connection to the artwork for each one that views it, even if the viewer has never actually been there. Also I hope invoke a sense of the spirit that connects us to nature, to all things and to each other. Each work of art is a record of an emotion and a moment, an experience and a sensation, a time and a place.

Timothy now makes his home in Ventura County, California where his art has been featured in many local shows. Timothy Frink currently sells prints of his paintings on www.timothyfrinkfineart.com and products featuring his art on several other websites.

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