A Review Of the 2016 Sundance Film “For Everyone Net”



By : Alystar McKenneh-O’Neil


For Everyone.Net connects the future of the web with the little-known story of its birth. In 1989, 33-year-old computer programmer  Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web and his visionary decision to make it a free and accessible resource sparked a global revolution in communication. Tim has declared internet access a human right and has called for an “online Magna Carta” to protect privacy and free speech, extend connectivity to populations without access and maintain “one web” for all. Tim’s dramatic story poses the question: Will we fight for the web we want or let it be taken away? ForEveryone.net


“For Everyone.Net” was a brilliant look at the truth of the World Wide Web. Everyone should see it! If you’ve ever wondered where the internet came from. If you feel that access to the world wide web has afforded you a much stronger connection to every human alive. And you are looking to that kindred spirit who led you to this feeling, you must meet Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

His gift to the future generations of humanity is humbly spelled out in his thoughts regarding the web in a very YODA fashion. It is also a warning about the people who would take control of the web.

Well done and thank you