A conversation With Director Ido Mizrahy Who Has A Passion For His Art


Dir. Ido Mizrahy
Dir. Ido Mizrahy


By: Vernon Nickerson

Edited By Colleen Page


Director Ido Mizrahy is a masterful storyteller. Whether it is fiction or nonfiction he interweaves his stories masterfully with humility and modesty. Director Ido Mizrahy storytelling is refreshing yet it is a powerful investigative force that shine a light  on the heart and conflicts  of his subjects. The particular subject Director Ido Mizrahy has chosen to showcase this time for his documentary “Gored” is  Antonio Barrera, the most gored bullfighter in history. A man who is both passionate in his aim and determine in the art of bullfighting. With masterful precision Director Ido Mizrahy paints a brutal at times, but very realistic portrait of a man who is coming to the end of his profession and a lifelong love affair. “Gored” has been released on iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play and all other VOD outlets! It is also available on DVD and Blu-ray.

The Art Of Monteque had a chance to speak with Director Ido Mizrahy about his documentary “Gored” and what being an artist meant to him.  You can listen to the conversation The Art Of Monteque had with Director Ido Mizrahy below.



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