Andrea Monroe: An Artist Of The Universe

Artist Andrea Monroe
Artist Andrea Monroe


We are all ambassadors of the Universe here to express something larger than ourselves.

Andrea Monroe is a very talented self-taught artist and writer who has worked in creative fields all her life. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, her only viable art lesson that she received was as a child for one semester at the Art Institute of Chicago. But during that brief encounter, She won an honorable mention for a pastel drawing of bug that later traveled the world as part of a community art show. Andrea Monroe began painting as a full-blown artist in 2003 after being introduced to a spiritual teaching that helped her realize she was the instrument of a higher power in which her work needed to be expressed.

My main philosophy is that we all have creativity wanting to burst out of us in some way, shape, or form, I accidentally came upon another avenue I wanted to reveal. That is through the power of healing art. During my divorce, I painted symbolically, all the feelings of my empowerment to that of despair, which resulted in an act of self-therapy. After the images were finished, I felt they needed some kind of explanation, so I wrote a poem for each. It is my wish to share my work with those going through similar life-changing experiences and to offer a way to heal themselves. Andrea Monroe

Andrea Monroe works in acrylic and mixed media. Elements of Christian and Byzantine styles influenced her first paintings in which she happily dubbed “Byzantine Pop.” She looks to the color of Fauvism and energy in paintings as early on as Matisse’s or as late as Peter Max’s and have been influenced by pattern and designs of Mexico, South America, Australia, and Africa. All Andrea Monroe’s paintings develop through a solid control of her paintbrush and mix of hues. She focus on the relationships of color and composition with concentration on shapes and lines rendering a smooth, flat finish to the final painting.

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