Lisa Rae: An Artist Guided By Her Passion

Mosaic Beach 30 x 30 Acrylic On Canvas
Mosaic Beach 30 x 30 Acrylic On Canvas


Lisa Rae’s mantra is #artislife.

Lisa Rae loves the way creative expression allows her to connect to others through her work. Nature and works of art inspire her to be a better artist, but the true inspiration lies within herself. Lisa Rae does her best to express that through her paintings and pictures. She fell in love with drawing and painting during her teen years and it has been a regular part of her creative life for the past 10 years.

Lisa Rae prefers to work in acrylics as they allow the texture to really come alive on the canvas. Color is also something she loves to play and experiment with. Color has a way of shaping her work into the final product that it becomes.

Many times I will start a piece of work with just my palette and allow the colors and textures to guide me in the direction that I go. My art guides me from piece to piece. Lisa Rae


Lisa Rae is working on a campaign to bring awareness around creative expression called 30 Days the Movement. She feels that so many people have talent that goes unnoticed and art keeps the heart and soul alive. Her hope is to engage anyone who is willing to give themselves their passions back by committing to doing something artistically expressive for 30 days in a row. After that period of time, that one true creative talent becomes a regular part of the day. A time that is solely theirs to shine and connect with.

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