Kasim Patton: An Artist Finding Freedom And Beauty In The Discarded


Train Station
Train Station


Kasim Patton creates art using only recycled and found materials. He strives to create original pieces that challenge himself and the viewer.

Kasim Patton is a artist and photographer from Southern California. After working a few dead end jobs, he decided to pursue his passion for photography full time. Kasim Patton started shooting weddings and other events by word of mouth. While working these events He would take photos of other things that caught his eye. He began to lose interest in commercial photography and started to focus on documenting the streets and graffiti. For the past seven years Kasim Patton has been selling his original art full time at Venice Beach and other art related events around Los Angeles. Kasim Patton believes in being original and creative as possible. His pieces are all handmade from found or recycled materials that most people discard. Art is not a hobby or something he dabbles in. It is truly a way of life and a way to be free in a society that promotes conformity.

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