Next Season’s Planting

  By: Jannie Vaught This weekend was spent inside planning and plotting next seasons garden plans and as my rain water barrels overflowed,  I was quietly happy. This means more water on the garden a little hail damage but the moisture was worth the concern. Now with this big storm and all the great available nitrogen everything is ultra green. This is the gardeners constant state … Continue reading Next Season’s Planting

How About A Conversation About Energy Cleansing

By: Jannie Vaught Smudging , Clearing negative energy Limpias are some of the names this is called. But the intention is all the same. Clear the stuffy negative feeling out to the great beyond so it can compost. Yes all of the energy’s have a cycle in nature. When I am in my garden I never feel the need to clear this space. Well the truth … Continue reading How About A Conversation About Energy Cleansing

The True Power Of Three Sisters

  By: Jannie Vaught The Three Sister Garden is a Native American way of sustainable agriculture through companion planting, in which one plant helps the others. Corn Beans  Squash These make up the 3 sisters. These 3 “New World” foods have changed the course of human culture. The time is ripe to take a look at Native American Gardens. This is a system of gardening that … Continue reading The True Power Of Three Sisters

Planting The Seeds Of Gratitude

  By: Jannie Vaught The Blue Bonnets are crazy pretty this spring and all the wild flowers are showing. When the Indian Blanket’s start blooming then the diverse colors of nature really bring the full pallet of color, texture and intensity. A few ago weekend was full of digging, planting and mending. And my muscles were telling me all about it. ouch! But this is the … Continue reading Planting The Seeds Of Gratitude

Time To Check The Vegetable Planting Guide

By Jannie Vaught After the gloom overcast days it is so wonderful to see sunshine! This morning the garden list said “Look at Vegetable Planting Guide”. First you need to know what is your growing zone. Go to the USDA Hardiness zone finder, put in your zip code and there you are your planting zone. We are 8B here in central Texas, but this can also … Continue reading Time To Check The Vegetable Planting Guide

The Dream of Home Grown Tomatoes

  By Jannie Vaught The weather outside is cold! The garden hoops are up and the greens are vibrant! I took a hit on the carry over tomatoes from the summer. Today we are going to look at 2 words used for Tomatoes “determinant” and “indeterminate” what’s the difference? Determinant tomatoes, also called bush tomatoes, are bred to grow compact height, usually no more than … Continue reading The Dream of Home Grown Tomatoes

The Fall Garden Is Better Than The Spring

By Jannie Vaught   The garden now is beautiful! The Ott’s Morning Glories are breath taking. All the Mustard, Collards and English Peas are growing rapidly and the garlic is going in next week with the temperatures finally going down. I already am planning what’s going in and what is not. Every season is a learning experience. Yes, tomatoes are always at the top of the … Continue reading The Fall Garden Is Better Than The Spring

Garlic Is A Foodies Best Friend

  By Jannie Vaugh Garlic fresh from the garden or bought from the store, life and health attune with this wonder globe. Types of garlic are soft neck and hard neck. Covered those last week, you can search on line there are many places to buy from and select what suits your fancy, for example:  Inchelium red Rocamboles Purple stripe Marble stripe Porcelain Turban   … Continue reading Garlic Is A Foodies Best Friend