Next Season’s Planting



By: Jannie Vaught

This weekend was spent inside planning and plotting next seasons garden plans and as my rain water barrels overflowed,  I was quietly happy. This means more water on the garden a little hail damage but the moisture was worth the concern. Now with this big storm and all the great available nitrogen everything is ultra green. This is the gardeners constant state of being. Rain or no rain, sun or too much heat. this is the weird dance we do with Mother Nature as she simple does what she does.

Here’s the Thing,,, no matter how we fuss and plan and try Nature always has her way.

Years ago I just resigned myself to the reality that some years are bountiful and some years are slim. And then there are a lot of in between years. This is an abundant year already. I am doing my second planting of Roma tomatoes. I have flowering tomatoes about knee high right now. Just put in baby seedlings of Roma. The plan is to have a constant supply of finished tomatoes to can and eat fresh.  We will see how it goes. Got some info from Texas Gardner on line and if you like to try new varieties this may be of interest. This spring 42 million households will grow a vegetable garden. 9 out of 10 will feature tomatoes. Which do you choose to plant? The Rich Flavor of heirloom or the newer varieties for bigger yield? How about something new Heirloom Marriages. 2 classic varieties are crossed to get Both Rich Flavor and bigger yield. For example Genuwine, a cross of Brandywine and Costolute Genovise or Big Brandy another cross. I will try these next year as I already have mine in the ground. Just when you think you get it all figured out temptation shows up and if you are a curious gardener you find yourself wanting to try new varieties. And when that first ripe tomato is pulled from its plant the anticipation of that first delicious bite is all worth it.

Maybe this marriage will be made in heaven or maybe just taste like it!

Hope all your planting day’s are full and abundant.

Growing Green  With Jannie