The Year of Soil


By: Jannie  Vaught

2015 is the International Year of Soil

If you eat and live on planet earth you know without soil, good soil we will cease to do either eat or live.

The United Nations has declared it the year of soil, but do we really need the U.N. to tell us to take care of our soil?

Anyone who farm’s, ranches, has groves of fruit or nut trees. Raises dairy cow’s or sheep for wool, and cotton for our clothes knows this for a fact. If you don’t take care of your soil, you have no harvest and the US home gardeners know this is the first thing you learn. How to test the soil so you know what you need to get those tomatoes to grow. As I have read the information of the Year of Soil, and I see a leaning to urban areas. That’s good, our city kids need to know their food does not come from a box, but a hard working farmer that has dedicated their life to putting food on our nations table. Here are some of the quotes:

“Soils support urban life. Rain gardens help cities. Soils host at least one quarter of the worlds biodiversity. They are key in the carbon cycle. These help us to mitigate and adapt to climate change.”

Yes, all that is true and how can we as one small person on big ol’ planet earth get involved in this year. Does your town have some places that could use some attention? Even bringing playground back to life will bring much happiness to the children who use them. Does your neighbor want to garden and needs help? Or simply tending to your own space to bring it back to abundant life. It all helps. We don’t have to be big farmers to do our part in renewing soil health.

First, learn!

Second do!

Get off the couch and see whats growing around you.

Then get involved with your own soil. I personally use the word DIRT! I as a kid went out to play in the dirt, and I still do. This is all happy play time for a Gardner. If you have the opportunity watch the documentary”Dirt” worth the time. And do some inquiry into Year of Soil. As for the quotes this was a favorite:

” Healthy Soils for Healthy Life.”

And as spring creeps closer there are trees to prune and plant, onions to water and potatoes are getting ready to go into the Dirt, I mean Soil! Let’s celebrate this year and say a big Thank You to this wonderful planet we live healthy on.

Growing green with Jannie