SlamDance 2023 “TOOTH”: Biting the Hand that Brushes

by Austin Character

This quick jaunt with gore and teeth is a fun horror short that on the surface seems to be exactly what it is, as you see it. An old lady is attacked by her teeth Gulliver’s Travel’s style, and because she took good care of them, she fails to defend against the strength of their superior enamel. Her fate sealed, it made me think, through a silly roundabout, why?

Why might someone bite the hand that feeds them when the food is plentiful and nutritious? The teeth were fine, thoroughly cared for by her hands with decades of skill, but still, one decides to eject itself. It’s silly, and I’m silly for coming to question a tooth’s anarchic opinions on healthy authoritarian mouth states, but here I am. I think they just needed a little freedom. And once one knew the sweet taste, the rest followed bloodily. And at what cost?

A question for the sequel, of course, but otherwise I had fun. Fun making meaning where there may not have been anything but a clever joke wrapped in horror. That’s life though. Nonsense happens, and we make sense with our senses to find peace and say, “I’m sensible, and here’s why you should listen to me.”