Crushing The Caterpillar

Photo by Pixabay on

By Nancy Lyn

Author of A Life of More

Have you ever wondered, if the caterpillar had conscious thought,

what he/she might be thinking as the started the chrysalis?

This thing that would squeeze them so tightly that it felt like they would be crushed to death. It was of their own making, yet they couldn’t stop it. In the end, the very thing that would seem to strangle and kill the life out of them was bringing a new expanded version; a mightier, highly improved version, one they couldn’t even begin to imagine. A version so alien to the them bc (before chrysalis) that no one, including themselves would recognize.

Yet a version so improved upon, the process of becoming was worth it. As they morph into the butterfly, would they ever look back and remember the days when they were ground bound, crawling and eating leaves?

Why should they?

They are heavenly creatures, sailing through the sky, finding sweet nectar from succulent flowers. They wouldn’t retell the story of their crushing, almost death-like experience.

Theirs would be one of the glorious life they are now living, with freedom of the skies.

Who would want to remember a time before this exalted life?

Indeed, it is the human spirit that takes what strangles us and turns it into that chrysalis of change and expansion. But unlike the butterfly, we have a choice of embracing the stranglehold of the chrysalis. Victor or victim?

The choice is yours.