“Mondo Hollywoodland” A Story Of Selfreflection

By Vernon Nickerson

“Mondo Hollywoodland” looks and feels vaguely familiar. In fact, it is a story I have lived in the bohemian lives of many artist friends in Los Angeles’ Silverlake Community. The film was directed, produced and co-written by award-winning director, producer, and writer Janek Ambros “Mondo Hollywoodland” also stars Alex Loynaz (PEDRO, 9-1-1), Alyssa Sabo (Totally Rad, Floor is Lava), and Jessica Jade Andres (DON’T WORRY, HE WON’T GET FAR ON FOOT) and executive produced by Oscar nominee James Cromwell .

What is Mondo?

Which means the man who knows, for some it is an adventure, but for others it is an unending descent into the shadow of unanswered questions. Filmed in an independent documentary style “Mondo Hollywoodland” is a look back to the counterculture of the 60s in comparison to modern times. It shows in some ways not much has changed, but in others a great deal has been lost.

“Mondo Hollywoodland” follows a mushroom dealer and a man from the 5th dimension as they look for all things groovy and the meaning of “mondo” in Los Angeles. Along the way, these two encounter the various factions of Hollywood as they all bumble through psychedelic-fueled introspection.

It is both sad and funny at times with a message of community and a look at those who make up the unique and diverse reflections of the community. All too often we go about our day not taking notice of the people all around us. Only living for ourselves in minute by minutes survival mode. Not really living only existing. Sometimes you need that odd voice of the community to lead you lead you back to yourself. May be that is what Mondo is!

“Mondo Hollywoodland” premiered had its first US at the 11th edition annual Downtown Film Festival L.A where it won the Creative Vision Award and it had its international premiere at Innuendo International Film Festival in Milan, Italy where it won Best Director. Mondo Hollywoodland has been released in theaters and is now available on SVOD and on Amazon Prime.

Well, I guess I’ll make some more buttered popcorn, grab another box of Milk Duds , and re-watch Mondo Hollywoodland for more invigorating insight. Ciao, Bella and enjoy this truly independent entertaining mind bender.