April In The Garden

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.com

By Jannie Vaught

It is planting time; we had a little cold snap on Easter, but the night temperatures weren’t to the frost. I planted the biggest Tomato starts last weekend, the smaller cherry variety got a promotion to bigger pots until next week and some went into 5 gallon and larger tubs, buckets with holes or pots. Some went into the raised beds and also some peppers. The Arugula that I had put in pots for the greenhouse are now out and returned to the ground. The seedlings grew overnight and they are now planted out in the raised beds. They love cold weather and will get bitter and bolt as soon as it gets hot. I let them flower and seed as I want seeds for next year and the tender seed pods are delicious in a salad or in the pickle jar. If you have never tried Arugula tender seed pods give it a try. Spicy! Here’s what is on the list for this gardener. Cover all bare soil with compost or grass clippings or last gears leaves to keep weeds and grass from getting ahead of you. or put down weed barrier between rows. Time to feed your plants and lawn. A solution of diluted seaweed sprayed on everything.

It’s been a long cold winter and turbulent spring they could use good feeding. Along with feeding it helps with transplant shock. Also, water the soil planting area before you transplant those tomatoes and peppers. Going from a wet condition to a dry one all at once can be a disaster they may not recover from. The roots and root hairs are tiny and delicate now, treat them with care wet in tray wet in the ground. Watch for caterpillars and aphids a spray of 1 tablespoon blue dishwashing soap in one gallon of water will do the trick. You want Ladybugs, Lacewings, and small birds they will keep the bugs and mosquitos down. Watch for little whiteflies, stinkbugs, thrips, and their ilk now as it is better to take action sooner as later as they will multiply fast. Look under the leaves for tiny clusters of eggs, squish and spray under leaves. Watch for caterpillars that dangle in great numbers from Oaks. We want to save our Oaks and native plants from defoliation using B.t. Bacillus Thuringensis. The goal in organic pest control is to be as specific as possible, this works on caterpillars so Keep it away from your Butterfly Garden! We need the butterfly! This is the season we have long-awaited.

It is Garden time!! Pace yourself, stop and be thankful for the flush of growth we are having. And if your fruit trees are like mine, they are loaded with tiny apricots, plumbs, and flowers. The pecans are leafing out, when the leaves are fully out, but still light green and soft it will be time to spray with Zinc. You will get a better pecan crop as we are zinc deficient here in our growing area and they absorb the zinc through their tender leaves.

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