Many Gardeners Grow Herbs

By Jannie Vaught It is either in a specific herb garden or right along with all the vegetables. We often think of basil, chamomile, fennel, catnip, coriander, lavender, mint, summer savory, marjoram, tarragon, oregano, chervil, lovage, parsley, dill, lemongrass, verbena, rosemary, bay, melissa, hyssop, thyme, and the wide variety of sage. Sage is our simple, beautiful, and delicious cultivar today. Salvia Officinalis is one of … Continue reading Many Gardeners Grow Herbs

Our Dry Soil

By Jannie Vaught Our dry soil finally received some much-needed rain which did liven up the gardens, again the heat is on the way and back to the controlled watering. Something I use for dry heat times is growing in semi-shade and full shade. Here are some plants that will thrive in semi-shade. Basil, Cherry tomatoes, Swiss chard, spinach, lettuce, eggplant (will be smaller), and … Continue reading Our Dry Soil

Understanding Seed Packets

By Jannie Vaught Pretty pictures with growing information. The pictures are often photos of the “Best” fully-grown vegetable. And when the one you planted didn’t look like that picture you are wondering what happened? Let’s start out with Your growing zone. Most packets will have a small picture of North America with colors going across from top to bottom. Find where you live and there … Continue reading Understanding Seed Packets

Seed Saving Is A Practice As Old As Humankind

By Jannie Vaugh George Washington supposedly thought it was “disreputable” for farmers to buy seeds every year. If you want to save seeds from one year to the next, you need to grow open-pollinated varieties (not hybrids) and know if a plant is self-pollinated or wind or insect-pollinated. If it is self-pollinating, seeds are easy to save, and the plants next year will look like … Continue reading Seed Saving Is A Practice As Old As Humankind

This Year The First Day of Summer Came On Sunday, June 20

By Jannie Vaught With all the very stormy Spring we are having and all the up and down temperatures I am looking forward to Summer. We need sunshine to ripen the tomatoes and kick start the lagging flowering. It is just an unusual weather year. This week I would like to bring up some issues I am having this season with insects. Cabbage moths and … Continue reading This Year The First Day of Summer Came On Sunday, June 20

June Veggies To Plant With Seeds

By Jannie Vaught Here we go: Cantaloup, Warm Greens, Okra, Peas Southern, Pumpkin, also if the vine borers got your squash, re-plant at the end of June first of July. Things to transplant Sweet potato slips. Flowers for this month. Mexican heather, Marigold, Flowering balsam, Lantana. Impatience, Nicotina, Periwinkle, Verbina, Hamelia, Begonia, Salvia, Purslane, Zinnias, Petunias, Pentas, Gomphrena, Cosmos, Cleome, Coreopsis, Dusty Miller, Coleus, Aster, … Continue reading June Veggies To Plant With Seeds

With More Spring Showers Again The Gardening Learning Curve Is Underway

By Jannie Vaught Not being used to such a wet season after the debilitating freeze there are new chapters of observation and working with nature. At this time of year, I begin seed saving from the winter lettuce. These plants stood through the freeze and I did a little trial and covered a portion with frost cloth and some I left open to the weather. … Continue reading With More Spring Showers Again The Gardening Learning Curve Is Underway

A Large Part Of Growing Food Is In Preserving Your Crops

By Jannie Vaught From Fruit to Vegetables the lasting result is a pantry full of healthy preserved food. About this time of the growing season, I am taking stock of what I am going to need in a few months. My preserving methods are easy. I can tomatoes and all the stone fruit according to the USDA food safety and use the Blue Ball canning … Continue reading A Large Part Of Growing Food Is In Preserving Your Crops

Growing Food As Medicine

By Jannie Vaught “Let food be your medicine let medicine be your food” A famous quote that has stood the test of time by the Greek physician Hippocrates. Regenerative agriculture has many layers of the health of the soil, and the learning just keeps going. A book to have in your gardening library is “From Dirt to Soil, One family’s journey into regenerative agriculture “by … Continue reading Growing Food As Medicine

Yes, It Is The Seed Starting Time for This Gardener

By Jannie Vaught This week I carefully went through my seed collection and did a plan for what I want to grow this year along with the much-worn garden journal. We are focusing on the variety we know to grow well for us, Celebrity is one we really like, Italian paste and a cherry for salad and garden snacking. It is pea time and we … Continue reading Yes, It Is The Seed Starting Time for This Gardener

The Season For Planting Is Here

By Jannie Vaught, All the preparations and soil amendments are in and the tilling, row making and planning are underway. The important need for plant starts and seeds seems to be almost as problematic as getting a pound of butter or tissue. For many of us who have been sharing the importance of heritage seeds, native seeds, and plants, has been going on for years. … Continue reading The Season For Planting Is Here

The Mid-Shoulder Season

By Jannie Vaught, Planting in mid -season or shoulder season, generally there are 2 garden seasons, but if your are a gardener in a warmer climate with less frost or deep freezing the shoulder or mid-season are very productive. We have annual and perennial plants in our gardens. And many of the annuals are actually perennial, meaning they will grow year round for m zone … Continue reading The Mid-Shoulder Season