Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists

2020 Screenplay Competition Winners

Announcement Dates

Quarterfinalists | September 15, 2020

Semifinalists | September 22, 2020

Top 12 | September 29, 2020

Awards Ceremony* | October 8, 2020

*This year’s awards ceremony will be live streamed and open to all. Please check back for more information. 


A Splendid Place by Andy Gillies & Brendan Marshall-Rashid

As You Wish by Suhashini Krishnan

Back to the Go-Go by Travis Houze

Black Skinhead “The Jackal with the Sun on its Back” by Everett Kelsey

But in My Beach Will Be the Sound of the Sea for You by Orlando Javier Torres

California King Cool by Eli Stern

Cape Coma by Adeshola Adigun

Capsized by Scott Corbett

The Cheater by John Michael

Cold Feat by Trent Tackbary

Crate by Matthew Breault & Alex George Pickering

Dillon by Indie Jansons

Dope City by Robbie Barclay

Eastbound Train by John R. Dohrmann

Fairy by Vic Mackenzie

February by Heather Spiegel

Fighting Gravity by Charles Steven Broadbent

Fuck Face by Stephen Padilla

Funeral Season by Jake Hirsch

Ghosted by Mike Bencivenga

The Impresario by Daniel Leventhal

Ketchikan! By Tallie Medel

Killing Faith by Ned Crowley

Kinda Blue Burning Bright by McKinley Belcher III

Land of Gold by Nardeep Khurmi

Last of My Name by S.M. Namkoong

Mermaid Screenplay by Fia Perera

Minutia by Mark Lobatto

The Nature of Things by Kelsey Tucker

Oath by Paul Frank

The Pearson Five by Clare Higgins

Perfect Flower by Brent Delaney

Philip Glass, Philip Glass by Martin Barshai

Ready Set April by Hilary Miller

The Resurrection of Dennis Munson and the Boy Anew by Nathan D Davis

The Reunion by Vika Evdokimenko & Oliver Shuster

Riceboy Sleeps by Anthony Shim

Roadkill by Drew Lewis, Martha Gregory

Rodeo Girl by Tara Nicole Youngblood

Scars by Anna Carolina dos Santos Israel

Spin The Wheel by Dennis Lazar

Sprog by Autumn Withers

Stop Snitchin’ by William Horace

Suplex by Andy Compton

Sweet Sixteen by Joyce Sherrí

Tatsu by Adam T. Bradley

Teddy and Low by Kevin Walsh, Jose Arias

Tyrone and The Looking Glass by Timothy Ware

Visceral Fatherland by Lele Park

Who Wants Dessert? By Venita Ozols-Graham

Wilde West by Jennifer Winter & Joe Gayton

Yankee Doodle Zombie by Joe Dzikiewicz

Yes No Hello Goodbye by Dana Turken

Horror/ Thriller

Abysmal Temporalities by John Graney

Big Rig Massacre by Zack Beseda

Dying on the Pass by Jackson Birnbaum

Electi by Morgan Robinson

Goodbye Lyrics by Daniel Russell

The Jakarta Incident by Tom Goodall

Judith by Meredith Berg

Love Lost in a Boat by Michael Angelo

Mad Molly by J.R. Halterlein

Metastasis by Alessandro Guarino

Mother Wild by Claire Tailyour

Mother Wound by Arran Crawley

Our Gods Within by Alex Luprete

Plastic Bitches by Kurtis David Harder & Tesh Guttikonda

Raptus by Bennet De Brabandere

Ruthie’s Bluebird Ghosthouse by Jason Sheedy

Somewhere Quiet by Olivia W Lloyd

The Shadows by Todd Sharp

TV Pilot

Ahistorical by Thomas Butler

Alienboy by Francisco Alvarez

The Ballaster Inn by Alex Boyd

Before We Arrive by William McGhee

Below The Fold by Kevin Wolfe

Blue River by Selin Sevinc Bertero

Brute by Nathan James

The Butch Chronicles by M. Vanessa Coto

Cancermancer by Michael Kellner

Candace Cann Is Finally Living by Jeremy Brothers

Chosenville by Jessica Kane

Death Doula by Gaby Purchase

Demons in DC by Ryan Manns & Jocelyn Manns

Embaby by Lara Everly

Entre Nos (Between Us) by Jesenia Ruiz

Fräulein Schreiber’s Mixtape by Nathan Dame

Guilty by Katie Novotny, Erin Conroy

Heart Attack Man by Trevor Hodgkins & Brian Hanson

Jericho by Zenzele Price

The Kitchen by Sarah Mease & Ricardo Haro

Lifeline byMeredith Casey

Lifted by Carol Brown

Mademoiselle Maupin by Brandon Gale

Marvin by Colton Childs

Meet Me at Blair Mountain by Collin Blair

Mixed Fits by Serenity Garcia

Mourning After by Rikki Bleiweiss

Munch by Erin Muroski

The Nut Farm by Warren Clarke

Peggy and Pegeen by Marek Glinski & Kathryn Taylor

Pipeline by Brian Golden

Puppet Me by Julie Cavaliere

Quartermaster by Karl Archer

Sad in Florida by Meg Favreau

SeKret Spy by Polina Frantsena

This Little Town by Linda Barnett

Trapped by Ned Crowley

Unplanned by Scott Peterman, Cat Davis

Wildcatters by Jannette Bloom & Alyssa Carpenter

The World Famous Maxine Is Arriving Now by Joseph McMahon


The Art of Being Wicked by Amanda Öman

The Gazer by Eleni Rivera

How To Meal Prep During A Famine by Lindsey Ruggles

Just Potential by Piyali Syam & Vick Krishna

Nash by Kyle Sullivan

Peaches by Lourdes Kalusha-Aguirre

The Peregrine by Justin Giddings

Rear by Edward Worthy

So Good to See You! by Pharra Perry

Suki and the Moon by Rani DeMuth

Trampoline by Sarah Polhaus

The Wall by Gary Gibich

Youth Rejuv by Katherine Voigt