Little Richard- Musical Architect And Race Gay Liberator

By Stephan Pisko

Little Richard’s singing was born out of a “segregational suffering” keeping positively upbeat through the “magic of music” sacrificing. His soul giving his all equipped with a dynamic unique personality and charismatic character broke the mold as Richard grow old. During Little Richard’s planetary time if you weren’t “smiling and singing” you were suffering segregation, or worst! He was a “force” flying through physical entry the energy was predestined for a “specialized sojourn” uniting a universal feel good feeling every time Little Richard came “WOO WOOING Tutti Frutti!

His spiritual realization was his “flambouyant fashion” endoctrinating followers’ to the unique passionate truth of “live liberation” opening up honest humanity within rock n roll by baring his vulnerability via outward loving warmth to all that would listen irregardless of race, color or creed. Once you heard Little Richard that’s all you needed. It was indelible to never forgot his personality or character he was so uniquely different and genuine,”he was who he was” not “who he thought he should be”! His personality was precise truth not a clone or robot “reproducing ritual rot” for all to dispose of. Little Richard was indeed “screaming spirituality” righteously.

What human beings’ can learn from Little Richard’s earned physicality time duration is the “true personal power of uniqueness” never letting and interior integrity” venture anything below this “truly honest uniqueness” that was sprinkled within unseen energy as it transmigrated through bodily physical mass to the identity form that realized a “direct destiny of spiritual matters”.