Quintessential Quandary – Artist’s Passion

By Stephan Pisko

Invisible individual fingers communicating with hands asking questions arguing amiably but moreover accepting a tolerance transcendence dribbling through notes and spaces supplying anti-answers repeating ritually hands are virtually lost luminously faded fingers joyfully jester pouncing vigor venomously.

“You see, but I cannot see you” said hands ,but fingers carry on snickering sadistically existing exuberantly although dimensionless fingers’ linger somewhere adjudicating hands the cosmic frustration is where fingers’ facilitate frenzy upon habitual hands?

Are hands such a dominant durational dynamic fingers foresee?

Have hands’ and fingers’ been musically collaborating too long through infinity’s isotopes?

All invisible ingredients create, but also destroy collaborative creativity for a “time without time” the perception is precluded there exists a “constant existence prevention” within communicative agitation nothing is universal unison.

It is identical mass body with indeterminate creational elements the quintessential quandary artist’s passion.