All Aboard for Shoot to Marry, Steve Markle’s 21st Century ‘Love Train’

By Vernon Nickerson

“Love is beautiful and painful…what else is there?” Thankfully, there is also Shoot to Marry, a 2020 Slamdance Film Festival selection. Written, produced, and directed by documentarian Steve Markle, Shoot to Marry is a quirky video memoir of one man’s journey (Markle) in search of a life partner.  From a home base in Toronto, Steve introduces the audience to an array of beautiful, funny, smart, creative, wise and loving women. In a series of brief vignettes over just over 60 minutes, Markle curates a gallery of interesting women in a variety of work, living and play spaces.  Along the journey, Markle consults various professionals for advice and direction, among them a therapist, a spiritual advisor and a spooning expert- you’ll want to see the film and come to your own conclusions as to whether any of the consultations are helpful or not.

Those of you that have ever wondered what those over-produced “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor” reality television shows might look like in real life without the created melodrama will want to see Shoot to Marry.  One thing that makes Shoot to Marry far more interesting and or engaging than reality television is the filmmaker’s smart decision to meet and engage with his heroines in their respective creative/living spaces. There is one talented painter and one milliner (hat designer) that deserve a wider audience for their work.

What will our anti-hero do with an unexpected second chance with the woman who said yes to marriage and ended the engagement on the same night? As the filmmaker/star, Steve makes all the casting decisions, but which castmate will choose Steve?  The thing I enjoyed most about watching this ROM-com is the sense that all the single ladies win- but you will have to go and see Shoot to Marry to find out if any one of them will choose Steve Markle.

Northern Banner Releasing just acquired the Canadian rights to SHOOT TO MARRY, an incredible documentary premiering at  2020 Slamdance Film Festival.

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