Stephan Pisko Defines Disco Revolution – Steve Disco aka – Canada’s No 1 Club DJ (1977-82)


By Stephan Pisko

Living forever within the “forever disco fantasy” transforming the introspective interior through to the psychological exterior partition where the “shy submissive silence” became immortal fading feverishly within the “sociopathic exterior sublime lie identity” actually believing the lie living forever within the discotheque dimension dynamically you are the ‘sex star’ glistening giggling to the viper vibes entrancing egos’ anything is a probable possible the beats’ without bounds crazy creative freedom that the disco-phenomenon provided anyone entering the “party of psychologicals” a forever fantasy that would never succumb to passing politely the atomic atmosphere locked your lust within a phantasm you were better than good disintegrating deviously beyond manufactured mind no thought terror all thinking terminated living the lie on the “other side of fun” the forever disco fantasy out of control. 

No fear of falling feeling love this was the authentic dilated dopamine without prescription just opening the “disco door” dealing with the exterior and the interior simultaneously a “cusp of change” this is the original Dr. Feelgood making a “club call”.  The look of the female on the male – female – transgendered was chilly cool the “call of the club” was free uninhibited no “lust laws” were allowed. The freakout mirror balled memory dazzles disco lights we twirl and whirl like dervishes’ diabolically to another dimension within the disco the “forever disco fantasy”. 

“Disco” manifested itself within the “exterior” but disco did not originate from the exterior it sneaked in subliminally via “dynamic time duration” from the “interior” moving moment masked certain elements (or) conceptual notions’ that were not noticeable but psychologically played the part perfectly completing the picturesque magic musk energy was elevated ethereally. Mind bending mix matched beats out social stigma dancing as a socialized activity unconventional sexual sensations. 

The “short social” termatic name: disco is “psychologically transcendental” not comparable to anything it lives within the “forever disco fantasy” one prerequisite the “need to humanly be social” this may be fading but not the fantasy the “disco fantasy” is alive and well !

“Disco” was all about the psyche the “psychological self” and how that interior persona blended into the atmospheric exterior pungent scent of sexuality socially encompassing racial gender genocide living and dying side-by-side dancing deliriously to the beats of beauty no matter what (or) who you were/are telepathically nonstop bouncing “forever disco fantasy”. 

The “deejay” DJ was the creative catalyst for the trance tunes the “public promo prince” the new radio station was the “club” disco was in the trashcan but the DJs’ took it out of the trash transmitted it to “number one” selling sensationally “Never Can Say Goodbye” to disco hustling hilariously everybody was doing the “disco – the disco duck – that sucks” sexual body language the linguistical lust orating orgasm extended dancing extended lovemaking make love not war. Blacks’ moving on up gay macho-man it’s “okay to be gay” disco did not need the “radio gaga” to garble the greed gamble it sold ‘power to the people’ celebrity press everybody was clinging captively to the disco notoriety using abusing “disco dynamite” blows up in your face!  Disco was a music movement a “metaphysical motion” it was directing disco (you) were in the movie: “A White Boy that Could Dance” working by day in a paint store by night a “disco king” cocaine was fashion creme loosers’ can survive and will survive the “tenacity of human spirit” disco breathed social conscience (4-4) “boom boom” beyond (race – color – creed).  Paradise Garage was a “church of color” no norms elegant high tech sex stravaganza “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real” the forces of the universe came together upon entry through the doors first moment impact space magic kingdom music overpowering “tore the roof off the sucker” -“Rock Me Baby” indie record labels were crucial for the development of disco that the DJs’ publicly pushed personally I believed the “DJ” was a character and personality not a ‘music mixer’ the medium between the “club crowd” and the “music melody” a fusion of the two. 

Disco was birthed from an underground hell it was “hot” an inferno burning up baby as it spread satanically like a demonic deposition the demons’ were the DJs’ “making a deal – stealing your soul” giving it “back in the track” celebrating seduction “Love to Love You Baby” take me to the “Car Wash” get down and dirty wait I’ll wash you loud intense “Freak Out” club climax “That’s The Way I Like It” shocking outrageous spontaneously insane smile “That’s Where the Happy People Go” should you be dancing Forever Disco Fantasy?