Nitro Glycerin Vials – Art and Art Idea

By Stephan Pisko

We have (2) nitro-glycerin vials (art & art idea). These (2) words must be applied very carefully and they must NEVER be ‘mixed together’ at any time whatsoever.  Their ‘mixed together’ presently and have been for countless decades that’s why nothing makes any sense or has any meaning.

Our mission is to ‘separate’ these (2) nitro-glycerin vials and define these (2) words in ‘infinite details’ so that everyone can understand and not deceived by an ‘elitist monetary clubhouse shroud’.  The ‘art idea’ is the ‘self’s non-existent expression’ of this idea but when applied to a ‘physical plane’ it transforms into an ‘existent expression’.   So ‘art’ is the ‘possession’ and ‘art idea’ is the ‘expression’.   

Possession is the ‘monetary’ and expression is the ‘idea’.   This in essence is (50%) physical and (50%) non-physical exactly what every human being is as well.   We are all (50%) ‘monetary possession’ the seen which is physical and at the same time we are all (50%) ‘idealistic self expression’ which is non-physical the unseen. 

Only with ‘art & art idea’ the explosion is created when they are ‘separated’ the reverse of nitro-glycerin the explanation lies within the separation.