Language Technology

By Stephan Pisko

Language has been falling apart for years take a quick look at Shakespeare now that’s gibberish compared to present day diction as long as the mind has a ‘suitable communication savvy’ we will manage just fine but it’s ever changing racing against high-speed technology there will come a future time when dictionaries’ will be shortened because of inoperative words it doesn’t mean that we will understand anything less on the contrary we will understand even more but we won’t be any more intelligent because of frivolous breakdown. Language depends on the workable mechanics of the current time and environment in Shakespearean times human beings’ had much more time to spend composing literary libation their styles’ of writing coincided with society in the 15th century it was slower but more permissibly painful.

It doesn’t take intelligence to speak anyone can make a noise with their vocal chords great speaking with fluid vibrations that cut into spacial airwaves igniting a lined electric chill is quite memorable but when an individual writes something down on a piece of paper there is an immediate traceable intellect that leads directly to it’s original energy source there is nothing unknown (or) invisible to it. A great speaker can hide behind a ‘masked role’ but as soon as the words are set to paper there is an instinctual anthology that transpires verbal velocity all of a sudden there is a believable descending reach of known it’s as if the ‘plane of consciousness’ dived from ‘ear port’ to ‘soul level’ in a majestic maneuver that breezed the senses.

To hear a ‘statement of syntax’ always possesses questionable doubt but seeing this statement within inkable markings renders it to most minds’ unquestionable verbation is a cheaper quicker impulsive version of a questionable question. The way human beings’ communicate within the current time and environment is tech controlled but making communication more accessible and interactive is also far less personally intimate we are constantly speaking into electronic gadgets. It’s not the ‘decline of writing’ it is the ‘control of society’ here lies the common constant a ‘deviation decoy’ that stifles mental musings technology is the ‘flagship of language lemures’.