Everything Points To That One Spontaneous Second


By: Stephan Pisko

In photography it is: one camera, one lens, one concentration – the content vibrates soundlessly to an existence outside of time the composition may have to ‘be arranged’ but it has always ‘been arranged’ the spirit has been seeking that very moment since it’s entrance.

The spontaneous second is you’re threshold to obtain possession of a ‘passing particle of virtue’ then learn more about yourself through this action – the mere blinking of an eye can be a flash of learning don’t plan on anything happening just be aware and ready when it does happen. The spontaneous second is an ‘action of gathering into the one’ – when you look at any object (animate or inanimate) you will find that the ‘one’ has been molded from an ‘action of gathering’ the relevance of ‘one’ seems to be a key status of production even with creation as much as we can contain is an action of gathering of: fire, water, air, etc. producing what we live on – the one planet earth. Life is a web of spontaneous seconds’ points where action and intellect meet we discover ourselves within this time framed process. I’m concerned about expanding this ‘one second’ to learn visually ‘what is happening’ during this period of spontaneity – spirit takes time by the hand escorts it through don’t be too conscious of the events taking place just be unconsciously aware of the incident that unfolds through the spontaneous second.

One second is only one second yet when given an ‘informality’ it flows through the one to the next and so on – the spontaneous second is a fluid knowing neither stopping (or) starting it is always ‘being poured’ always together intact as one. The spontaneous second ‘surrounds the scene’ as well as pervades it and there can exist a ‘mystical overview’ to a ‘clairvoyant closeness’. The greatest reward in gathering images is the ‘silent stillness’ that halos it always brings you back, you may go forward, sideways or step away but it always brings you back to where you were. When I strive for an image I wait to let the scene meander before my eyes then when my eyes are full I take a sip by depressing the camera’s shutter – when a photographer can get a ‘sip from a scene’ vision is full, a sip to me is a second – one spontaneous second – one can taste a lot in a sip and see much in a second.

The spontaneous second teaches us the introspective truth of ourselves so we can ‘see the scope’ of that one second as a whole life – I picture the single photographic image as very similar to being an ‘essence on it’s own’ a short extraction in the camera’s sense of mechanics but a ‘continued longevity’ when viewed at a higher vibrational level. Spontaneity is the ‘visual recipe’ for the image – when the camera’s shutter is depressed a ‘junction of spirit is integrated’ to grow as a ‘single root’ image but the ‘solitary theme’ grew out of the nature of spontaneous and it is this aroma that leads to the rootstock.