Freedom Of Mind From Physical Attachments

By: Stephan Pisko,

Metaphysical Photographic Life

My universal positive message for this lovely blessed Spring Day is one so very important for us to carry within our ‘spiritual sustenance’ – Freedom of Mind from Physical Attachments.

The physical will always let you down don’t attach yourself to physical possessions limit this attachment for maximum personal happiness the more you inject emotional content into mere physicalities the more you will encounter physical falls the chains and suffering of physical attachments.

Be mindful that all of what you see is totally temporary it will fade away like your physical body your spiritual energy is without time (or) age listen to the ‘unseen’ it sends messages there are learned lessons to be revealed besides the pain of physical suffering.

The physical is a ‘dead end street’ it enjoys watching you ‘fall to pieces’ alluring you into the ‘trap of time’ a vicious vacuum you can never escape prepare your mind with mental discipline to protect from being sucked into temporal subliminal suffering.

Be liberated and free with minimal physical attachment don’t delay your energy from ‘belated bliss’ by chaining yourself to the materialistic wear it (or) carry it if you cannot do this action leave it alone. The happiest truly happiest not an artificial assimilated happy are minds’ that are totally liberated from physical possessions’ and attachments’ understanding what it absolutely means to be free not a ‘phony facsimile of free’.

Do not spread your spiritual energy roots too deeply within the physical parameters’ as this will weaken the mind focus on the meaningful ‘personal possessions’ that the monetary cannot buy choose liberation from materialistic objects’ walk with an honest genuine smile. Recognize the ‘unseen lessons’ to be learned wear and carry light physical baggage walk away from the physical prison that houses the psychological and monetary cell blocks’ strive to ‘be there’ no destination no arriving.

The ‘eyes’ are the mind’s ‘seeing slaves’ for visually acquired acquisitions desired derelicts. The ‘unseen’ makes decisions’ for us that the mind could never comprehend mind obstructs meaningful truth. The physical does not have to be ‘gloom & doom’ if the mind is disciplined with daily practice I see many ‘healthy bodily foundations’ with ‘sadly weakened structures’. Human beings’ are waiting to happen insecurely take positive charge of your insecurity by transforming it into ‘secure strength’. I am amazed at the amount of human beings’ who are actually conditioned to the physical ‘gloom & doom’ as if they expect to be tortured by ‘physical loss’ they cannot break the physical shackles and bondage. Too many reach for the ‘crying rag’ that slips spontaneously squeezing into the ‘victim’s vice’ at this suffering stage the mind seeks ‘self pity’ beyond rational reasoning.