Film Review Of 2016 Dances With Films Feature, “LILITH’S AWAKENING”


By: Vernon Nickerson

Lucy  Is On Top in Monica Demes’s Feature Film, “Lilith’s Awakening”


In “Lilith’s Awakening”, Writer, Director, Monica Demes film noir homage to Dracula, the Vampire is Lucy’s alter-ego portrayed with style and silent film acting panache by Barbara Eugenia. Plot-meets-13th Century rabbinical Lilith literature as our 21st Century heroine Lucy ( actress Sophia Woodward) somehow calls out the Vampire via her dreams. From the stark and spare opening scene, it is evident Lucy is not happy in her marriage or at her job.  Anyone who mistreats ignores or otherwise discounts Lucy had better beware.

“Lilith’s Awakening” is engaging and worth your time because it earnestly tempts one to wonder what Lucy would have done if her pent-up sexual desires had been fully met in the real world. Let yourself get taken into Ms. Demes’ fascinating web weaving together reality, fantasy and horror and make up your own mind.  Here’s to living the dream! “Lilith’s Awakening”  premiered at the 2016 Dances With Films Festival Saturday June 11.


Lilith’s Awakening 1h 20min

Director: Monica Demes


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