Film Review Of 2016 Dances With Film Feature, “HOW WE MET” Laughing Out Loud On The Date From Hell…


A Delightful Comedic Romp With A Side Of Murder


By: Vernon Nickerson

“HOW WE MET” stars Chadwick Hopson (The Long Way, Into the Mystic), Christina Marie Moses (Containment, Nikita, All My Children) and Brian Flaccus (Wizards of Waverly Place, All My Children, Movie 43) and is narrated by Ice-T. If limited budgets continue to result in well- written laugh-out-loud funny stories, Writer/Director Oscar Rene Lozoya has hit pay dirt. Hoo-yah! Proof once again that big budgets do not necessarily result in better stories and films.

Anti-hero Ted Bradley (Hopson) deftly walks the fine comedic lines between nerdy recovery from a bender, cranky sober guy, and total intoxication. Marie (Moses) brings a unique style and flair to her portrayal of the other half of a blind date gone horribly wrong. Ripped, then deftly twisted from today’s headlines, Officer Ron’s (Johnathan Kehoe) brief but hilarious and creepy over-the-top dirty cop parody sets the tone for the madness and fun that ensues.

“How We Met” works well because of strong ensemble performances throughout the film. One group in particular was exemplary; or should I say fell apart hilariously: Ted’s dysfunctionally intense and wanna-be stud muffin father Dave (David Weiss) and his brother Dan/Cousin Dick (Alex Davidson).  Kudos also for the funny patter from the team of  FBI  Agents Hughes (Cale Epps), Lewis/Alex the Bartender (Alex Raines), Honey Mayfield (Linda Sutera) and Butch Heckle (Tony Sutera).

Perhaps “How We Met” is the first of a trend toward quality, inexpensive and funny summer release comedies. May it be so, from Oscar Rene Lozoya ‘s pen to God’s ears! How We Met will  have it’s World Premiere Saturday, June 11th at The 2016 Dance With Film Festival.

How We Met 78 min

Director & Writer: Oscar Rene Lozoya


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