A review of 2016 Slamdance Film “HUNKY DORY”

By : Alystar McKenneh-O’Neil


Hollywood is full of those performers who didn’t make it and end up scratching their way through the day pimping and prostituting themselves just to be able to continue the lies they tell themselves on a daily basis. I am relevant, I am loved, I am creative, I am a star.


“Hunky Dory” is gritty, honest and real as we examine the narcissistic leanings of Sid, an aging glam rocker who works as a drag queen in a seedy decrepit bar.


Even when his young son Georgie, is left on his door step by his ex girlfriend, Sid doesn’t miss a step as he continues to feed his own ego, instead of embracing the real love standing there in the form of his young son.


The scenes between Georgie, beautifully played by  Edouard Holdener and Sid are very charismatic and tender but they are  too few.  Director,  Michael Curtis Johnson, chose to focus on exposing every inch of Sid’s slide into debauchery, and struggle to catch his breath, as he strives to feed his empty pit of self worth never having been given a barometer with which to measure self worth.


There are no bar fights, no high drama, or ah ha moments, making it easy to identify with Sid, because this film is every man’s and every woman’s story. Perhaps not to the degree Sid takes it, but in the things we have to do to get where our heart longs to be despite the holes left by childhood. Watching this film reminds us of the times real love stood within reach but we are too empty,too needy, or too bruised and broken to see it.


Great Job!