Indie Songstress Peppina: An Artist With An Heart Of Gold

Artist Peppina
Artist Peppina



By: Vernon Nickerson

Edited By Colleen Page

Images by: Ann Marie Amick


To say artist Peppina  is both humble and  wise is an understatement. Yes, she is very young, but unlike her counterparts there is a gentleness and profound compassion in the way she carries herself. Her music not only is compelling, but it also speaks to the soul. The Art Of Monteque had a chance to speak  and spend time with the artist as she got ready for her  many up coming performances including performing at The 2016  SXSW.  The Art Of Monteque first saw Peppina at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, it was there that the world got to see just how dynamic Peppina was as a singer and were she would make her make as an independent artist. Peppina returned to the 2016  Sundance  film festival as  a newly crown rising star.  She would later go onto perform at The Resident in  Los Angeles on February 10th 2016 to great acclaim and success. If  you thought with sets great success under Peppina’s  that she which slowdown you would be wrong. This is one talented artist that has no plans of stopping or slowing down anywhere soon.


High School Acoustic by Peppina


A  gifted singer and multi-instrumentalist from Finland,  a country full of natural beauty, but with a culture that, in  Peppina’s opinion, “Values modesty a bit too much.”  Peppina’s  skills on vocals, piano, guitar, and classical flute are masterful along with her wordsmithing abilities.  It would be hitRECord, the innovative open collaboration Website/production company founded by acclaimed actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt that would opened a door to success for Peppina and place her on the path that she is currently on. Two of her songs were featured on the show hitRECord on TV, which aired on Pivot Network and went on to win an Emmy for Creative Achievement in Interactive Media. At Sundance 2014, she performed duets with Gordon-Levitt at the hitRECord TV series reception. When Film director Danny Kaufman heard her perform  the song “We Can Go Back Again” live at that show, he knew he had the closing song for his upcoming feature film “MARRIED YOUNG” starring Gary Cole of HBO’s Emmy award winning comedy Veep. Kaufman then asked her to write another song for the film and the song “Keep This Love Alive” was born and the rest as the say is history.

The Art Of Monteque’s  Interview With Artist Peppina

“You never know what will happen if you dare to share your art. For a long time I thought  I can’t be an artist! That won’t happen, but denying myself made me really unhappy. I realized that I don’t choose to make music. I just do. It’s how I live. It’s what I am.”  Artist Peppina


The truly gifted artist Peppina is just getting started and we have yet to see the full range of talent from this awe inspiring artists.



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