Daniele Bongiovanni: An Artist Of The Extraordinary

Artist Daniele Bongiovanni
Artist Daniele Bongiovanni

Daniele Bongiovanni is an international painter, historian, poet and illustrator. Daniele Bongiovanni,  was born in Palermo, Italy on 11 April 1986 and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo. Over the years he realizes several thematic cycles that he presents in museums and galleries of major Italian and foreign cities: in Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States and elsewhere. He exhibits also in numerous international contemporary art events including the Venice Biennale.

Through my works I try to bring my interiority to the outside, while my painting is also based on the ”landscape”, revised in a spiritual and emotional key. I don’t portray reality, my creations are the representation of my thought, my subject is nature and sometimes man.

I use traditional materials: oil, acrylics, natural pigments, but also more experimental solutions, on canvas or on wood panel. My painting wants to represent a gradual creative process. Through my work I want to demonstrate an in-depth study and a wide exploration of the subject; a fundamental thing of my work is the reinterpretation of the light spectrum, this I do also by redoing the variation of the ”color of the sky”, which in my paintings has no color.

Daniele Bongiovanni

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