Slamdance 2015 Writing Competition Announces Winners

Shane Andries’ The Delegation wins Grand Prize
(LOS ANGELES, CA—October 8, 2015) The Delegation written by Shane Andries has won the 2015 Slamdance Writing Competition Grand Prize. Andries was awarded $7,000 in cash prizes for his feature script at the annual awards ceremony hosted by the Writers Guild of America, West last night on October 7, 2015.The Delegation tells the story of a rookie congressional staffer who convinces a maverick
congressmen to send a delegation to the jungles of South America to investigate the truth behind
infamous cult leader Jim Jones.

Slamdance recognizes four categories in its Writing Competition and has established a reputation
for finding production worthy screenplays. Each winner received additional cash prizes.
The top three Slamdance screenplays in each prize category are as follows:

1. The Delegation by Shane Andries
2. Ignorant by Anita J. Justice
Jacksonville by Jeffrey Field

1. Speak of the Devil by Jesse J. Cook
2. 77 Minutes by Shani Grewal
Silver Moon by Travis Stevens

1. Deep Storage by Susan Earl
2. The Contract by Sean Corrigan
3. Minstrel Boy by Colin Scott

1. Castle Rock by Jamie King
2. Escape/Artist by Alan R. Baxter
3. Hits by Jeffrey King

“With nearly 3,500 total submissions, a 50% increase over last year, finding these twelve was no
easy task.We feel truly honored to receive so many wonderful submissions and thank all of the entrants for entrusting your work with us. Hopefully our feedback service provided with each submission contained useful and constructive criticism so that no one feels like they’re leaving empty handed. Congratulations to our winners,
we can’t wait to see these scripts get made and what you write next.” Screenwriting Manager, Summre Garber.

“As WGAW’s President, and as a proud member of the independent film community, I’m
delighted to join Slamdance in supporting emerging writers. Slamdance’s annual Screenplay
Competition has always found writers of talent and promise, and has helped expose deserving
work to the larger community. It’s a mission the WGAW is honored to support,” WGAW
President, Howard A. Rodman.
Slamdance received nearly 3,500 submissions for the Writing Competition, which strives to
bring attention to the most talented emerging screenwriters and introduce them to the industry.The Competition has established a reputation for finding production-worthy screenplays written
by emerging talent. Andrea Janakas’ 2014 teleplay Search for Life has been optioned by eOne
and Laurence Fishburne’s company, Cinema Gypsy and is currently looking for a network home.
Janakas says about her Slamdance experience “After winning the Slamdance Grand Prize for my
teleplay Search for Life it was optioned immediately, opening up a year of meetings with great
companies and building a network of terrific producers, not only for this project, but for the other
projects I’ve been working on. Thanks, Slamdance for jump-starting my career!”

Cash and service prizes for the 2015 Writing Competition amounted to $20,000. Pierce Law Group, LLP, a long standing sponsor of Slamdance, provided a total $7,500 in legal services to the category winners.

Other examples of how the Writing Competition connected screenplays to production include
Maria Full of Grace from writer/director Joshua Marston and The Woodsman co-written by
Nicole Kassel and Steven Fechter, directed by Kassel. Recent winners that have gone on to be
produced include 100 Bloody Acres written by co-writers/directors Colin and Cameron Cairn
and Jug Face written and directed by Chad Crawford Kinkle.

The success of the Slamdance Writing Competition over the past twenty years and the writers it
has discovered continues to attract the attention of industry professionals searching for the best
new independent writing talent. As a year-round organization, Slamdance serves as a showcase
for the discovery of new and emerging talent and is dedicated to the nurturing and development
of new independent artists and their cinematic vision. The Slamdance 2016 Film Festival will
run concurrently with the Sundance Film Festival, January 22-28, in Park City, Utah. Slamdance
still lives by its mantra: “By Filmmakers, For Filmmakers.” No other festival is fully
programmed by filmmakers. Slamdance is proud to count among its alumni many notable writers
and directors who first gained notice at the festival, including such cinematic luminaries as
Christopher Nolan, Marc Forster, Jared Hess, Oren Peli, Lena Dunham and Benh Zeitlin. New
filmmakers and writers today realize that Slamdance is a place to launch their careers. For more
information, log onto