Knowing When to Feed



By:Jannie Vaught

Late June and we are in full Garden production.

We have had some challenges and issues due to the heavy storms and with all that said.

What a Beautiful Garden Year!

Just a reminder to stay on task with feeding protocols.

If your plants are looking tired, they probably are. It takes a lot for them to grow, flower and produce. I mixed up a batch of compost tea and fed yesterday and everyone perked up overnight.

In a 5 gallon bucket I have 4 inches of composted manure, fill the bucket with rain water. Now add 1/2 cup molasses, 1/2 cup kelp, a squirt of fish emulsion. Stir and let sit overnight, the brewing works great but this can be applied as soon as it is stirred. I use a 1 gallon coffee can and pour a good healthy dose on each plant. if the are in a row, I just pour down the row. Write down the date when your feed, in 6 weeks repeat. As always use your good gardener sense to tell when to feed and when not to feed. This Tea is very mild and is easy to use. And the Best fire ant control. Make up the compost tea BUT add 1/2 cup orange oil. Circle the fire ant pile first with the solution then pour a generous amount down the center hole. This seems to work well. Clean your bucket to remove orange oil before using for compost tea again.

This is good time to remember to not kill the Good Ant’s! The Harvester ants are busy now.They have a large flat area, and are red but larger. They are the main food for the Texas Horned Toad which has been severely diminished due to the application of ant poisons. Don’t kill the good ants!

As I set here at the library I came upon 2 new books, Grow Great Grub by Gayle Trail and Preserving Summer’s Bounty A Rodale Garden Book. We all need a little inspiration to grow just like our gardens. I too need a little feeding to expand and create. And the canning season has already started, soon the solar food dryer will come out and the quart jars for all the tomatoes.

This is why we do this. And as we sliced into that Lemon Boy huge tomato yesterday and sighed with the pure joy of the flavor, this tomato is what it is all about.

Hope you are keeping cool.

Remember to wear a sun hat and keep Growing Green With Jannie