2015 Filmquest Film Festival Review: “Waste Paper” Directed by UCLA Alumni Derrick D. Pete



By: Ellexia Nguyen

Created under the talented vision of writer and director Derrick D. Pete, “Waste Paper” is a Live Action and CGI Animation Short film that tells the story of a cartoon illustration that gets thrown in the waste basket by its Animator. It’s a visually engaging film about a “throw-away” cartoon illustration, Owiti (played by Mykee Selkin), who must find the courage to fight and free himself from the negative comments of others.

“Waste Paper” draws you in with its alluring music (scored by Lucas Lechowski), beautiful cinematography, and captivating storytelling style. The camera takes you in from the moment the crumpled, cartoon illustration lands in the waste basket and awakens in a surreal world where the other throw-away illustrations reside. “Can’t be all that special. I ended up here,” Owiti said to his new friend Desma (played by Doris Morgado). After being told in so many ways that he is a worthless, ill-conceived idea, Owiti, with the support of Desma, fights his way out of the mysterious world of throw-away illustrations. “Waste Paper” is a well-told film that sends an inspiring message to its audience. That is, no matter how often others try to cut you down with their words, push forward and remove yourself from that environment.

Waste Paper’s journey has been one of unbelievable success and acclaim. After screening at the 2015 Dances With Films Film Festival, this wonderful film went on to screen and earned an honorable mention at the 2015 New Jersey International Film Festival  and today June 21 which is Father’s Day; it will screen  at the Salt Lake City’s 2015 Filmquest Film Festival’s in  Official Selection at 2:00 P.M. If you have a chance this is a film not to be missed!

You can find out more and follow  the short film “Waste Paper” at  http://musicdiary.com/waste-paper/

Waste Paper 9 min

Director: Derrick D. Pete

Waste Paper Teaser from Derrick Pete on Vimeo.