Early Summer Check List

Summer Vegetable Garden

By: Jannie Vaught

This morning I ventured into the garden for the first time in two day’s, due to heavy storms. Believe me I was so thrilled at what met me at the gate. Everything is proceeding abundantly now we just need some sun to get the ripening process going! I have plumbs to pick , raspberry are about ready, the onions are tipped over and the tomatoes are loaded. And the Okra is about to bloom. Also the grass is taking over! The bug’s are abundant also and I need to get this done and get in there. Now is the time to make a check list of what need to be done. Each of us will have a different list according to what we are growing, but here’s mine and I hope it helps:

1. Mulch, keeps weed down and reduces fungal problems.

2. Check for Borer damage in trees. Look for holes, cracks or weeping sap. If you see any of this get help fast!  An Arbourist or tree service can help.

3. Dead head roses and shear back, shear all perennials 1/3, so they will re bloom in the summer.

4. Thin fruit on trees. Peaches, 2 peaches per 1 foot of cane, for big peaches.

5. Check the potatoes they may have to be dig up early due to wet soil.

6. Possible harvest onions. I am waiting for a sunny day to harvest onions. They are pulled out and lay on their side in the row to cure a little then taken in to cure and finish. These may be braided also and hung in loose bunches to dry.

7. Sanitize garden tools in between jobs due to contagious fungus and mildew. In Dave’s Garden internet site he covers this very well. But a can of Lysol spray or bleach wiped or sprayed on a clean tool really help’s from spreading disease.

8. Another problem now is the tiny holes in leaves which are due to the grasshoppers starting up. There is a product called Semaspore or NOLO that directs to grasshoppers.

9. For us animal lovers the fleas have been a real battle. Your local veterinarian can help and there is a spore product that you can spray on your yard to keep the fleas at bay.

This early summer season has presented some challenges with the cloudy wet weather, but we are gardeners and we figure it out!!

Remember Farmers Market is starting up Saturday 8 a.m. Court House Square.

All gardeners and Artisans are invited so if you are in town come on over!

Growing Green and a little soggy with Jannie