This Year The First Day of Summer Came On Sunday, June 20

By Jannie Vaught With all the very stormy Spring we are having and all the up and down temperatures I am looking forward to Summer. We need sunshine to ripen the tomatoes and kick start the lagging flowering. It is just an unusual weather year. This week I would like to bring up some issues I am having this season with insects. Cabbage moths and … Continue reading This Year The First Day of Summer Came On Sunday, June 20

My Experience With Gardening This Year Has Been A Learning Curve

By Jannie Vaught I am following the growing schedule and watching weather and temperatures but I am back on all of my work for at least 3 weeks. I finally have gotten to a “normal” garden season. Not withstanding the potential of more heat and cool cycles. We are learning to meet each day on its own merit. Remember that song “One day at a … Continue reading My Experience With Gardening This Year Has Been A Learning Curve


By Jannie Vaught, Tomatoes are for this gardener finishing up as the temperatures have soared to above 100! But this is the time for harvesting the final crop and enjoying the fruits of your labor. For me it has been tomato canning time and as I grow Heirloom tomatoes, saving the abundant seeds for next year and to share with fellow gardeners. Saving heirloom seeds … Continue reading Tomatoes

It Can Be About Temperature And Humidity

By Jannie Vaught Last week a fellow gardener showed up at my door. Her question was “why aren’t my tomatoes setting fruit? We went through the regular questions, are you feeding them on a regular time schedule? Are they in cages or staked? Are you pinching off the lower limbs and removing the succors? And are they in the shade, full sun? Do they have … Continue reading It Can Be About Temperature And Humidity

Orach the “New Kale”

By Jannie Vaught, Orach, Atriplex hortensis also known as Mountain spinach, Red Orach, or French spinach or Sea purslane, saltbush, is a distant cousin to spinach. A cool-season plant is a warm-season alternative to spinach. Touted as an alternative due to its lasting in heat and not bolting as spinach does, giving a longer time to harvest. Here’s more on this ancient now becoming a … Continue reading Orach the “New Kale”

The Topic For Today Is Kitchen Gardens

By Jannie Vaught Marion-Webster definition, a garden in which plants (such as vegetables or herbs) for use in the kitchen are cultivated. Location is an important subject. It is close to the kitchen door.  Some who like to figure measurements say 25 steps away. Or you walk past if from the car to the door. Or off the patio where you can gather and enjoy … Continue reading The Topic For Today Is Kitchen Gardens

Growing green and Planning For the Fall




Jannie Vaught


Time to plan for your fall and winter garden!



As the twilight of the cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes happens it is again time to consider the bountiful fall garden. First tomatoes, when your plants start to wither and show signs of stress, that’s when the pruners come out. Clean them up by removing all succors, dead branches and chop them to about 18 inches. Leave enough foliage leaves so they can regenerate. These shortened plants will become your fall tomatoes and will produce well, even green tomatoes if the frost is early.
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