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Chris Crosby
Chris Crosby


Chris Crosby is the son of legendary just musician Bob Crosby leader of  Bob Crosby band leader of the “Bob Crosby Bobcats” the Dixieland jazz band that wrote the book for the Chicago/ New Orleans style players of the 30s and 40s. Chris Crosby is also the nephew and grandson of  Bing Crosby, the first and biggest superstar of the 20th century. Chris grew up surrounded by the best people music had to offer. Gifted with a beautiful voice he first sang with his father’s band on his dad’s TV show on CBS when he was 12 years old.
Since then, he has performed all over the world. He has sung for two presidents, British royalty and if you ever visit Graceland, you’ll see a picture of Chris and Elvis together in the Elvis trophy room behind one of his to Grammy’s.( Chris percented Elvis with the Being Crosby special achievement award)

Chris first record it in on  Owen Bradley’s Barn for MGM in Nashville. His hit single “Young and in Love” generated an album for MGM, but left Chris wanting for something more. So Chris taught himself to play the guitar and write his own songs, but the music industry wanted another Bing. On his own Chris started painting, sculpting, learning film and video. He’s now come full circle with music, art, and film the hard way, but it’s pure Chris Crosby.

Currently Chris Crosby is working on a documentary about Bing Crosby: “Crosby In Search Of Bing, The Truth Behind The Legend”


For 35 years I’ve been filming and documenting the life story of my uncle and godfather Bing Crosby; this documentary will set the record straight.

Chris Crosby


Today over $200,000 of priceless footage has been shot by Chris Crosby. All contains personal stories and intimate information about Being and Bob, things never before revealed. There are also interview clips with various celebrities such as Bob Hope, Anthony Quinn, Victor Borga,  Mel Torme,  Jane Wyman, and many more….

To finish the project funds are being sought for dramatic recreations which are still to be filmed, postproduction editing, mastering color and sound correction, film clips and music licensing.

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