Sundance Next Film Review: A Very Talented Girl Creates “A Girl Walks Home Alone”

Lily Amirpour
Lily Amirpour



Monteque Pope-Le Beau

If anyone represents the outspoken rebellious creative spirit of Sundance then that would be Writer, Director Ana Lily Amirpour.  At first sight her tiny size and overwhelming fast pace energy can take one’s breath away, but after watching Lily (that is what she likes to be called) a while you will find that there’s a great creative genius that dwells within her and at times it screams to be let out.


A  Girl Walks Home Alone
A Girl Walks Home Alone


That great creative spirit was let out and created ” A  Girl Walks Home Alone”.  It is a black-and-white film done in the style of film noir . There is such great synergy between the characters and the stark landscape that one can’t help  but praise  “A  Girl Walks Home Alone” as  a soon to be great cult  classic.


A Girl Walks Home Alone
A Girl Walks Home Alone


The film takes place in Bad City a place where all dreams have come to die and where despicable people feed on the less fortunate. In this dark and hopeless place a boy lives with his father who is a drug addict.  The life of the boy becomes a down word spiral as he tries to help his father to no avail until he finally loses his only  prize possession, his car.  As he starts on a very dark path he meets a very mysterious girl (Sheila Vand) and this girl has a very deep and dark secret. She feeds on those who have been victimizing and adding to the torture of  the people of Bad City. She is a creature of the night, but all the boy sees is a beautiful girl; until his father turns up dead then slowly the  pieces of the puzzle start to fall in place. This is a different kind of love story  in a world  where not much can survives. This film is both funny and poignant. It speaks to the point of loneliness and how no matter what all people crave companionship.


A Girl Walks Home Alone  Permieres at Sundance Next Film Festival
A Girl Walks Home Alone Premieres at Sundance Next Film Festival


Lily is a superb filmmaker, as her latest film ” A Girl Walks Home Alone” shows. It is work of art.   “A Girl Walks Home Alone” was also  produced  by Elijah Wood’s company SpectreVision.

A Girl Walks Home Alone  99 min


At Sundance Next Film Festival “A Girl Walks Home Alone” was paired with  the dynamic American indie rock band Warpaint.

Warpaint – Love Is To Die (Official Audio)