The Mystical Place Of Sedona and The 2014 Sedona International film Festival



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What a  wonderful mystical place to hold a film festival which is alive with the arts and the rugged beauty of the landscape. Sedona is indeed a mystical place surrounded by towering red rocks, streams, rivers and beautiful clear skies. It is one of the great wonders of the natural world with such stunning beauty. It a place that one can fine themselves and forget the outside world. It is a place of creativity. It is a paradise in a world which seems to be lost. To experience Sedona is to experience the sublime and so was the 2014 Sedona International Film Festival. There were two movies which were truly amazing to see. The Square and Running From Crazy.



These two movies speak to the ordeals and triumphs of the human spirit. With deeply personal immersive experiences which transports one to an intense emotional state. These movies are inspirational even though they are worlds apart in their subject matter. They speak to the incredible sacrifices and courage on the journey to freedom; whether it is freedom for a country or personal freedom of an individual. It is remarkable to see the determination and fortitude these two films show.


The Square, Academy award nominated for best picture premiered at the Sedona International Film Festival. It had a two day event showing on February 15 and 16th.


The Square
The Square


The Square   95min

Director: Jehane Noujaim





One hand, One People, One Voice, One Word, One Cause

The fight for freedom.  A revolution for change.


The Square is a beautifully done documentary about the rise and struggles of a generation fighting for freedom in Egypt. Protesters and activist were fighting for the Tahrir Square and what it stood for. This is the behind-the-scenes look at what was really going on in the struggle of the Arab Spring. With the battleground being Tahrir Square where war was declared on the protesters. This is the poignant story of the people who believed in fighting for their rights. Who withstood threats, torture, death, betrayal, prison, the loss of loved ones and friends. They even withstood humiliation for something they believed in; freedom and liberty.



Running From Crazy premiered at the Sedona Film Festival on February 27 with an evening Mariel Hemingway. She receives the Person of Influence award from the Sedona International film Festival.


Running From Crazy
Running From Crazy


Running From Crazy 100 min

Director: Barbara Kopple


“The struggle, the blood, the pain.” Mariel Hemingway


Running From Crazy is a compelling and often disturbing documentary of Mariel Hemingway the great grand daughter of famous writer Ernest Hemingway. She gives an intimate look at her family’s life and dealing with mental illness. In the documentary she removes the stigma of mental illness and discusses it in painful details. As the story goes on it reveals deep dark secrets and is a roller coaster of emotions, questions, answers and the quest for closure. Diving deep into the haunting family legacy of alcoholism, addiction, suicide and depression. It is also about Mariel struggle not succumb to the self-destructive path which has taken many of her immediate family and other relatives. In the documentary Mariel shows the story of her family does not define her and yet it is a story that has put her on a journey to finding a purposeful life; full of peace, joy and happiness. Running From Crazy is a story about a person overcoming the darkness of a family’s past that haunts the present.

“We are the answer to our own problems” Mariel Hemingway







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