2014 Sedona Film Festival Review: Waiting for Mamu, How One Person Made A Difference

Waiting for Mamu
Waiting for Mamu


Monteque Pope- Le Beau


What would you give to end another person suffering or better yet what would you do to give them a safe and secure home, so they could thrive? For Pausha Basnent of Kathmandu, Nepal the answer was simple yet complicated.


Waiting for Mamu 40 min

Directors: Francois Caillaud, Dan Chen and Thomas Morgan

Writer: Thomas A. Morgan

Executive Producers: Morgan Spurlock, Susan Sarandon , Thomas Morgan



Child Behind Bars
Child Behind Bars


Waiting for Mamu is the documentary of Pausha Basnent a social worker who is the founder and president of the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) along with the Butterfly Home. It is also the story of her 200 children which ECDC serves. It is riveting and heart wrenching to watch the interwoven stories of the children Mamu has helped (Mamu is the name the children call Pushpa Basnet). It is a hard hitting look at the situations of poverty, lack of education and drugs which can darken a child’s world.



Children Behind Bars
Children Behind Bar


If a parent is sentence to prison and if they have one or place to care for their children; then their children are forced to go to prison with them. Only to be released when they turn 18. With no schooling or skills to help them survive in the outside world; their futures become very bleak and hopeless, but that all would changed when Pushpa Basnet was doing a prison tour as part of her university studies. The catalyst for this change was a little girl with a wonderful smile, who tugged at Pushpa’s shaw and heart. She would change the path Pushpa Basnet was on. Pushpa Basnet promised the little girl’s mother that she would come back for the her daughter. From that point on she has come back for many imprisoned children. Freeing them from the hopelessness and darkness of the prison. She was able to giving them a place they could feel safe, a family, an education, but most importantly she was able to give them the love of a mother.


It is an inspiration to see such a woman who is the CNN’s 2012 Hero of the Year, with such a courageous spirit and determination. Pushpa Basnet also received the 2014 Sedona International Film Festival’s Humanitarian Award and inaugural Everyday Hero Award. Pushpa Basnet, Thomas Morgan and Susan Sarandon where on hand for the screening and afterwords for the fundraiser which was held at the 2014 Sedona Film Festival. Waiting for Mamu also screened at the 2014 Slamdance Film Festival.


Pushpa Basne With her Children
Pushpa Basne With  One of Her Children


Pushpa Basnet is using her $250,000 CNN award and an additional $300,000 to build a permanent home for the children, but $300,000 more is needed to finish it. Pushpa Basnet demonstrates even in the world in which we live in, one person can make a difference.



IIf you would like to help, please go to www.waitingformamu.com/contribute.html or contact Tom Morgan at (704)-236-0324.