Film Review: “Black or White”

By Monteque Pope Le Beau   Loss plays a large and difficult role in “Black Or White” causing the worlds of two families to be turned upside-down. “Black Or White” is the story of Elliot Anderson a grandfather (Academy Award® winner Kevin Costner) who is suddenly left to care for his beloved granddaughter Eloise (Jillian Estel) after his wife is killed in a horrible car … Continue reading Film Review: “Black or White”

2014 AFI Film Festival Review: “A Most Violent Year”

By Austin Winter-Chase A tale of doing what’s right or either doing what’s easy. Sometimes the risk is not in trying to make your dreams come true, but in trying to be true to yourself. In “A Most Violent Year” we follow a young married couple; Abel and Anna Morales (Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastin) as  they try to achieve the American dream  in the most … Continue reading 2014 AFI Film Festival Review: “A Most Violent Year”

The Terrifying Adventure That Is Hollows Grove

By Austin Winter-Chase Hollows Grove is a tantalizing fun horror film. in the form of a docudrama. Filmmaker Craig Efros (who wrote Hollows Grove and this is his directorial debut) sets the stage for a nail biting, edge of the seat horror roller coaster ride. When a young documentary filmmaker Harold Maxwell goes along  on a adventure to document what his friends the Spirit and Paranormal … Continue reading The Terrifying Adventure That Is Hollows Grove

Disruption, A Call To Action

By Austin Winter-Chase “My Roots are in hunger and terrible poverty” Agripina Perea, Cartagena Colombia   “Disruption” is a powerful documentary by SKYLIGHT PICTURES detailing how people can create change and disrupt the status quo of society when they put the right powerful tools and education in the hands of those who need it the most women and mothers.   SYNOPSIS: A band of Latin American … Continue reading Disruption, A Call To Action