The Terrifying Adventure That Is Hollows Grove

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Austin Winter-Chase

Hollows Grove is a tantalizing fun horror film. in the form of a docudrama. Filmmaker Craig Efros (who wrote Hollows Grove and this is his directorial debut) sets the stage for a nail biting, edge of the seat horror roller coaster ride. When a young documentary filmmaker Harold Maxwell goes along  on a adventure to document what his friends the Spirit and Paranormal Investigation Team, (S.P.I.T.) do; Harold gets a lot more than he bargained for when he ends up actually documenting the real paranormal activity in an orphanage named Hollows Grove. Which has been the home of unimaginable deeds against children and also where unexplained deaths have occurred.


The Spirit and Paranormal Investigation Team, (S.P.I.T.)
The Spirit and Paranormal Investigation Team, (S.P.I.T.)


Harold’s friends really don’t believe in ghost even though they have a successful a paranormal reality TV show; really all they have been doing is pretending to believe in something that they don’t. All their child’s play and jokes comes to an end when they come face to face with their worst fear and the reality that the orphanage is not only hunted, but that it is not going to let them leave. It is thought the eyes of Harold Maxwell and his camera which shows in terrifying detail the fate of the Spirit and Paranormal Investigation Team, (S.P.I.T.)


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Hollows Grove


Craig Efros’s directorial debut is the mark of a horror master in the making. Hollows Grove is a well done suspenseful horror film, that is both fun and funny.


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Hollows Grove


Hollows Grove is the kind of film that you want to watch with the lights on surround by a lot of people.


Hollows Grove 81 min

Director: Craig Efros

Screenwriter: HG_0595_photo by Ron BatzdorffCraig Efros