Intro — what is a statement of principle?

By Sherletta Germain A Statement of Principle comes from an affirmation, paragraph, scripture or excerpt from your favorite verse or book. I found myself on an abundance journey one year as a challenge within a group I was a part of. Even after I left the group, I still used this challenge as a part of my daily living. I felt it was a great … Continue reading Intro — what is a statement of principle?

Power Struggle

By Stephan Pisko, The human being is continually enduring a personal “inner & outer” power struggle which is (self) over and above (ego) it is the introverted insecure fragile initiation directly placed in the middle of the interior and exterior desperately trying to find it’s place in the mangled meaning of it all. Ego always takes front and center stage it is the exhilarating extrovert … Continue reading Power Struggle

Psychological Perception – Meaning

By Stephan Pisko, Decision making for the human mind today is how well it can read into this jumbled configuration that haunts our every waking moment and even non-waking moment no I don’t call this moment sleep either. Our waking moment is when we can answer with a ‘yes or no’ as per our non-waking moment we don’t know the difference between the two blind … Continue reading Psychological Perception – Meaning

Growing The Three Sisters Garden

Jannie Vaught Who are the three sisters? For many Native American communities, three seeds-corn, beans, and squash represent the most important crops. They complement each other in the garden as well as nutritionally. How the three work together. Corn provides the tall stalks for the beans to climb, beans provide nitrogen to fertilize the spoil while stabilizing the tall corn during heavy winds, and large … Continue reading Growing The Three Sisters Garden

The Best Berries I Have Ever Grown

By Jannie Vaught Last year I purchased 4, 2-year-old Arkansas Thornless blackberry plants. I prepared the bed and placed them in a fence line to use as a trellis. They arrived within 4 days and were fresh and undamaged. I planted them and placed a low fence around them to keep the chickens out when they free range. They are possibly the best berries I … Continue reading The Best Berries I Have Ever Grown

We Are Into Some Frosty Weather

By Jannie Vaught We had been unseasonably warm through November and December. We entered winter, but it felt like T-shirt weather. For this gardener, this puts me in a constant weather alert position. As I watched what was happening to the north of us it became very concerning that we may have another “Killer” freeze. We have been preparing all summer and repairing the old … Continue reading We Are Into Some Frosty Weather

Piece of Eternity

By Stephan Pisko Human beings’ identity all wish to “be somebody”……. They enter this existing activity programmed pressured into “becoming someone” but humans’ are something long before physicality inclusion identities’ all contain a “piece of eternity” the unseen energy within bodily mass is timeless without age eternal isn’t that something somebody? Physical identity doesn’t think so! It’s an unknown metaphysical factor mind cannot calculate such … Continue reading Piece of Eternity

BMW Motorrad presents “The Great Getaway”

Experience the beauty of nature for eight days on the “Big Boxer” R 18 family of Heritage motorcycles, enjoy the freedom of endless expanses, immerse yourself in the urban jungle, sometimes discover the unexpected and leave the stress of everyday life behind. In “The Great Getaway”, BMW Motorrad will be offering the perfectly organized travel format for a perfect time-out, arranged and carried out by … Continue reading BMW Motorrad presents “The Great Getaway”

The Wisdom Of Saving Vegetable Seeds

By Jannie Vaught I would like to recommend a book for those of you who seriously save seeds, beginners or those of us who have saved for generations. Many rules have changed from my Grandparents day. They just grew with experienced know how this wisdom passed along from gardener to gardener often in one family and they simply saved seeds, but we are much more … Continue reading The Wisdom Of Saving Vegetable Seeds

Seed Saving Is A Practice As Old As Humankind

By Jannie Vaugh George Washington supposedly thought it was “disreputable” for farmers to buy seeds every year. If you want to save seeds from one year to the next, you need to grow open-pollinated varieties (not hybrids) and know if a plant is self-pollinated or wind or insect-pollinated. If it is self-pollinating, seeds are easy to save, and the plants next year will look like … Continue reading Seed Saving Is A Practice As Old As Humankind

Social Media – Digging Up Diabolical Dirt

By Stephan Pisko You know that social media is making some major direct hits on changing mass psychological mind perception when it has been thrashing – bashing – trashing – the human society by mind hacking. Trust me if social media wasn’t doing such a great job hiding the info we are trying to ‘dig up the diabolical dirt’ do you think for a second … Continue reading Social Media – Digging Up Diabolical Dirt

Beyond Our Garden

By Jannie Vaught There are many people working together to bring biological diversity and food production together to bring food to our table and growing native forests and plants together for a truly sustainable healthy practice. For example here in our Texas farm ranching the use of planting Daikon radishes as a cover crops between seasonal crops using “No-Till” practices by simply using a seed … Continue reading Beyond Our Garden

Pharma Pills – Natural Hemp Help

By Stephan Pisko Human beings’ are “drug conditioned’ within this current time and space environment they see pills in their dreams not sheep thanks to the big pharma controlling conditioners. When something naturally helpful comes along like hemp human beings’ go into their ‘drug conditioned mode’ then their beyond any help So sad humans are “filled with fear” their own so it’s very easy for … Continue reading Pharma Pills – Natural Hemp Help

Living With Your Own Mind Only – Body Language

By Stephan Pisko You’re mind which is the ‘unseeing space’ section of the brain when thoughts arise they are possibly stored within this compartment for a short while seconds (or) countless years depending upon certain mental relationships that are conjured up by the chemicals – neurons electrical impulses of the brain mechanism itself. You cannot ‘find mind’ but it is there never the less without … Continue reading Living With Your Own Mind Only – Body Language

No Time to Clean? Listen to Pauline Irene Stacey!

By Vernon Nickerson The best thing about “No Time to Clean? Listen to Irene!” it got me thinking of the people in my world who could benefit from Ms. Stacey’s compact and  accessible coaching and direction.  Practically, everything the novice, veteran or expert needs to know about cleaning a living space lies within the pages of “No Time to Clean? Listen to Irene!”   The timing … Continue reading No Time to Clean? Listen to Pauline Irene Stacey!

The Need to Grow A Life Transforming Film

By Vernon Nickerson Sometimes the best independent films are life-transforming. Other times watching and listening to an exceptionally well-told story makes the heart sing. From the collaborative team of Rob Herring (Writer-Director) and Ryan Wirick (Director), The Need to Grow is that film. The subtitle, “Save the SOIL, Save the WORLD,” summarizes an intimate journey of a mother and Girl Scout Troup leader (Ms. Monica … Continue reading The Need to Grow A Life Transforming Film