In times Of Changing Weather Patterns

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By Jannie Vaught

For this gardener, the word is Resilience, the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Indeed that is a quality everyone could bring. This includes our homes, livestock, pets, home power, and automobiles. This list is ever-changing. One thing is for sure. Our parents and grandparents had the ability to dig deep, recover from unknown problems and be better. Resilience, and Toughness. With all our modern tools these things have nothing compared to our hearts and our steadfast determination to survive. These brought with it the ‘How to”. No one went on the internet to find out. It was trial and error and success. It may take me a few tries at something but finally, I get it figured out. and it sticks. I don’t have to return to the search engine for answers. Maybe that is the reason so many of us are dedicated gardeners.

I’ll stick to this topic because this has a very long list of abilities people have. I may not be good at wiring a light but I can grow lettuce. With that, I find what I’ve learned about that variety, the soil, planting, sun, and water, and keep testing this. For the many other things I need to apply I do rely on my community and friends who have learned how to “wire a lamp’. My one skill is now perhaps a skill to barter for the lamp. This seems very basic, I have this you have that let’s trade, and with that, I will show you how I grow lettuce and you share how to wire the lamp. Why is this a subject for the coming year of 2023? I find that we are disconnected from each other and very dependent on the information delivered to us in an electronic world. Time to bring resilience back to a personal way. What do you have to share with you’re family friends and community that will assist them? No matter how large or how small we may think it is, our skills are valuable, and may I add “Needed”. I’m not saying discard your electronic device, I’m saying people first then use this as a tool.

Time to flex our heartstrings and open them once again. Just like growing a garden, we have a library full of skills right in our own towns. And from someone who has traveled and lived in a tiny town to a big city, Right here in the Hill Country, we have Resilience and furthermore Toughness. Share your skill no matter what anyone says someone needs you. I apply this to growing lettuce, a good salad is a blend of many healthy additions. What’s yours?

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