The LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL announces its Closing Night feature presentation: Patricia Chica’s ravishing coming-of-age drama MONTRÉAL GIRLS

The Los Angeles International Film Festival is proud to present the LA Premiere of Canadian director Patricia Chica’s highly anticipated directorial debut MONTRÉAL GIRLS, which will also be the closing night film. The story follows Ramy, a Middle-Eastern young man’s turbulent journey and his quest for love and enlightenment while discovering his true calling along the way. 

MONTRÉAL GIRLS is written by Patricia Chica (who also directed, produced and edited) and L.A.-based filmmaker Kamal John Iskander. The producers are Bahija Essoussi and Samuel Gagnon of Objectif 9 in association with Chica’s production company Flirt Films. The feature stars newcomer Hakim Brahimi, as well as Jasmina ParentJade HassounéSana AsadNahéma RicciManuel TadrosNatalie TannousChadi AlhelouThomas VallièresSimon TherrienGuillaume RodrigueMarina Harvey and Martin Dubreuil to name a few.  The distribution company is Filmoption International

I strive to tell inspiring stories that explore universal themes to which audiences worldwide can connect and relate. Storytelling is a holistic process for me, it’s all connected to a higher vision and purpose but is also grounded by characters confronted with complex real-world dilemmas they must overcome to transcend their ordinary selves and become something greater.

‘Montréal Girls’ is the first feature film made with the Chi Energy method, a creative process that connects Storytelling with Intuition, Mindset Psychology, and Higher-Consciousness.

The story is inspired by my own journey being a photographer, filmmaker, and documentarian in Montreal’s underground subcultures.

Director Patricia Chica

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