Living in The NOW for 21 Days

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By Sherletta Germain

I chose the number 21 because it takes 21 days to for something to become a habit. Many of you are hungry and tenacious enough to receive the messages I will send you. This aha! moment will be the fuel you need to change your life.

In Hebrew Kamaltria, the number 21 is I AM. So, whenever you see 21, there is a symbolism of Alpha & Omega, the Beginning and the End. You dreams will become your reality; you mean? No, your reality will become your dreams. Let me show you by performing this abundance exercise. Some call this visualization; others call it fantasy. You will call it something too, after reading. I would love to know what you think.

How can this be real? I am literally sitting on stage with so many special guests! The one and only Angela Bassett is here, Nia Long, Taraji P. Henson, Regina King, Mary J. Blige, too. I am being praised by Jane Jackson (lawd have mercy!) for all the philanthropic work I have been doing for so many phenomenal women around the world. I am teaching them that many of their throat chakras are closed. This has caused either tension within the body, which is bad for the heart and kidney function, or possibly an overindulgence in food or sex. Mental health will certainly follow these concerns, so I am showing them ways to become whole from the inside out. My work has been liked, retweeted, shared on various social media platforms. I have been receiving more and more monetization and speaking requests. My podcast wasn’t ready to handle all the downloads its getting. I suppose that would be a good problem to have, right?

Now there are certainly exercises I have done prior to the visualization exercise. I sort of took you to the end of the 2nd week in this example. Can you see how powerful this story was? ! I literally created my world with my words. Now in my reality, I am a single mother of three who showed $26.06 in my account. I could literally touch the back of the cold, white wall of my freezer without touching food, because there wasn’t much food available. I noticed a few chicken patties from Tyson, a pack of lima beans, a pack of frozen peas, a bunch of frozen corn and ice. We to reach out to local pantries each week since the holidays had just passed and we spent more for food. I recall qualifying for food assistance, but not receiving the benefit for ten more days.

My reality says I am unable to work away from home because my car caught fire after a faulty mechanical job. It was parked at the gas station when it caught fire and was totaled. I simply could not imagine putting another bill in my already stretched budget. Also, being diagnosed with cancer also sent me into a PTSD diagnosis. I recall episodes of social anxiety, which affects my ability to work with others. My weakened immune system from the cancer treatment I received in 2018-2019 compromises me further, so I refuse to work in a mask for 6-8 hours.

And yet with all the situations I have going on around me, I still have hope that I will be just fine. Everything is always working out for me, just like everything is always working out for you, Beloved. I want to teach you how to manifest literally anything. I want to teach you how to start living your best life today; for it is the only moment that truly matters.