Jooki High Quality Speaker For Kids Review

By Rachael Y

Jooki is the only high-quality speaker that gives kids safe, screen-free access to streaming audio content. In just a few clicks, grown-ups can associate a Spotify playlist with a Jooki figurine. Then the child just places the figurine on the speaker to access that playlist.

Jooki has become an every day part of my children’s lives. Its wifi capabilities has allowed my children to listen to media without having the screen of a device in their face. I was able to choose & create a playlist of music and audio books for my children. This allows me to control what they listen to. I absolutely love that there is no screen or images to distract them from their every day life. 

Jooki was easy to set up and it was easy to create playlists. I have attached a lanyard to the loops on the jookie, as well as the loops on the tokens, to prevent them from getting lost. A genius idea to incorporate! Another genius idea added to the jookie is the simplicity of operation. It is so easy for them to learn to use, no matter what age. The speakers sound amazingly well, and it does not turn up to an overwhelming volume that could be harmful to the ears of a child. 

I highly recommend the jookie to every family!